Mushroom Momos Recipe – For Every Vegetarian’s Momos Desire


A plate of steaming momos paired with a fiery tomato chutney is all we need to satiate our evening hunger. Whether we need a break while jumping from one store to another in a market, or just want to fill up our stomach while lazing around at home, momos are always welcome. This Tibetan specialty won our heart the moment we took our first bite of it. Since then, we have loved and tried all kinds of momos we could possible get our hands on. From chicken momos to paneer momos and even schezwan momos, we just can’t seem to get enough of this exceptionally tasty snack. If you are with us, you would also be excited to see this another recipe of veg momos – mushroom momos. 

After paneer and aloo, all vegetarians find their solace in mushrooms for indulgence. Momos stuffed with mushrooms will definitely tingle your taste buds. In fact, this momo is easier to make than many other kinds of momos. Since mushrooms don’t take much time to cook, you’ll get this dish on your plate, faster!

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Easy Veg Momos Recipe: How To Make Mushroom Momos

To make mushroom momos, just prepare a simple mixture of onion and mushroom by sauteing both in oil along with some salt, green chillies and black pepper powder. Stuff this mixture in small, ultra-thin rotis made out of all-purpose flour. Steam the momos for 10-15 minutes and you are done. You can also add some cheese in the stuffing if you want to.

Here’s the step-by-step recipe of mushroom momos that you can try at home.

Do let us know how they turned out. 


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