Most Underrated Places to Visit in Yap?


f you are new to the city of Micronesia, then read this article to have a delightful and wonderful experience. This city Yap is one of the best places to visit in Micronesia. This city is though very remote in the Pacific and is quite difficult to reach from most places in the world. 

So, guys if you are visiting Yap, then you probably must know and learn about its WWII history or go diving. Check this article and places that are worth watching before stepping into this city.

Visit the Yap stone money which is the most impressive and tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy a tour on Yap island which is a must-do and there are tons of places on land to make tourists busy for a day. 

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Discover more stunning sites in this city while reading this article:

Yap island tour

A Yap island tour is the best thing to do on a bike and to visit every single place of interest a car is better. We recommend hiring a car with a driver/guide from the Manta Bay Hotel. This price is almost the same as hiring a car. Visit the south area first to watch out for the old airport and to explore the WWII wrecks, then drop into the Stone Money street in Malay. Visit the southern tip and visit a beautiful Faluw which is a Men’s meeting house. Reach the north to the beach for lunch. You can also visit the south to a beautiful men’s house which is just north of Koh Kira. From this place continue the road on the right side which is a plane wreck in the jungle. Hop into the Maaq to learn about coral lime production where you will need a guide here. Continue from this place to the backtrack and move to the north to Run Now which is just before the town on the right. Watch out for Colonia which is the capital and allows visitors to enjoy walking around on another day. These beautiful houses are replicas and are mainly used for the Yap day festival.

WWII history

www|| History of Yap dates back to Spanish colonial rule in the 17th-19th century. The history was sold to Germany after the First World War after which it became Japanese. Come to this site to learn about the Second World War Yap which played a significant role in the Pacific because almost 5000 Japanese troops were stationed there. This place was heavily bombed by the US military and finally, the US occupied it at the end of WWII. This city today has plenty of WWII remains to explore which includes tons of underwater planes, anti-air cannons, and stunning wrecks around the island. Reach this city to see the old runway. 

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Stone Money – Yap island tour highlight

The Yap stone money is one of the best places in this city to visit with your family or friends. This site offers the main reason to go to Yap. Visit the stone money which was once used as lawful tender as the recordings initially were glossy and looked expensive. These stones are a bit like a flat donut and they vary in size from a few centimeters up to 4 to even 8 meters. You will find that these stones do not originate on Yap island but many of them present here were taken from Palau. Visit the Micronesians that would go with an outrigger canoe between Palau and Yap which is about 450 kilometers. 

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Men’s houses – Faluw – Pe’e Ai

Men’s houses on Yap are the traditional places to visit which were houses where the men would have meetings. Visit this place which is also called meeting houses or in local language Fellow. Visit this place to explore the beautiful architecture and a Pe’e Ai which is similar but for the whole community. Watch out for the houses that have wooden structures and thatched roofs. These houses are built on top of a stone foundation and most are built close to the water for easy access. You will learn here that in ancient times, women would be kidnapped and brought there and become the women of the house. 

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