Most Practical Opportunities Open with the Sisal Rugs Now

Its name may not mean much to you, but sisal, this ultra-resistant natural fiber, has serious advantages in becoming the darling floor covering in your interior.

We knew that the agave, this plant which comes to us mainly from Mexico, could give us delicious syrup, but one of its species, the agave sisalana, also makes it possible to obtain a natural fiber extracted from its leaves, of a very high resistance: sisal. First used for various ropes such as twine but also for rather rudimentary fabrics, sisal has gradually established itself as a natural floor covering in our interiors, like seagrass, thanks to its beautiful properties and a look that is both chic and warm. Here are the sisal rugs flooring options that you get now.

Its aesthetics

With a satin finish, the sisal on the floor has a lot of charm. Colorful or natural, it is available in a version with patterns or in simple and uniform weaving to give style to your interior. There are 3 types of weaving, light weaving, medium weaving or heavy weaving. The type of mesh will offer a more or less satin effect.

A natural and ecological fiber

Greening your interior is good. Unlike synthetic materials, the manufacturing process of a sisal coating is not very polluting. This material is biodegradable and more environmentally friendly without costing much more than a synthetic carpet.

The inconvenient

The sisal is an excellent alternative to decorate and insulate your floor provided to take into account its weak points:

A delicate pose

The installation of sisal is an operation that requires a certain skill. Unless you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast, we strongly recommend that you hire a professional to install your flooring.

A material that fears stains

It is very difficult to remove a stain from sisal. This is one of the reasons for not putting sisal in a kitchen where there is a high risk of it being damaged. Carpet manufacturers have been offering for several years sisal treated against stains, a little more expensive, but requiring less maintenance.

Water intolerance

The fiber absorbs moisture. It is an ideal characteristic for cleaning up the environment of a room but a weakness when faced with excess water. To keep your sisal looking good for a long time, be careful not to soak it with water.

Risks of fraying

Although the material is resistant, to wear, the sisal may unravel. Like any floor covering, it will need to be changed after a few years.

The price

Depending on its shape and color, a sisal carpet costs on average between € 10 and € 200 per square meter. In carpet, prices start at 40 € per square meter and can go up to 350 €.

How to maintain it?

Sisal Is A Naturally Resistant Material

Flooring sisal is fairly easy to maintain. To clean it, vacuum it at least twice a week. This will dust the sisal and get rid of the dirt accumulated between its stitches. If you want to remove a stain from your carpet, use only dry detergents.