Moderate Treks in India

India is bestowed with a terrain that is suitable for diversified adventures but largely dedicated to trekkers. The distribution of splendid mountains around Indian topography is highly dominated by moderately gradient treks, which are challenging yet attainable. These kinds of treks are usually popular amongst seasonal trekkers. Beginners striving to grow their expertise is another reason for the moderate treks to number more than difficult treks. A lesser risk factor that comes with moderate treks as compared to difficult ones is compensated by incredible experiences.

Rupin Pass Trek

After a laborious excavation of rocks by nature, the trail to the top is built. Slopes filled with snow, deep dark cut-throughs of mountains, and wooden bridges contribute to the uniqueness of the trek. This surprise-filled trek starts at Gosangu village of Himachal Pradesh and takes 7 days to reach an altitude of 15,279 ft. Trailing along the Rupin river and over narrow rocky pathways, delight reaches the soul at the view of waterfall mountains at Dhanteras Thatch. Amidst the fiercely cold weather, the shining sun comes to relief while trailing. Atop the peak snow-sliding is highly recommended. While descending back you come across radiant green pastures. Could be toured in May, June, September, and October.

Har Ki Dun Trek

Popularly known as the Valley of Gods, characterized by high-altitude meadows is an authentic site where alpine vegetation is found. Preferable and recommended times to visit are from March to June and September to December. A 7 days Har Ki Dun trek inclining up to 11,811 ft. above sea level ventures out to explore the traditional Himalayan culture. This trail is a blend of beautiful undulating valleys and lakes. Ascending and descending through dense pine forests laying down well-carved pathways for the trekkers is magical. The hanging valley supports a handful of the population residing at wooden houses is interesting to come across. Occasional sights of horses carrying goods along the trail is another interesting fact. Gradually while descending a narrower trail shows up to the trekkers that becomes more interesting to traverse over. Chilling and resting on the campsites with a view of elevated snow-covered peaks are one of a kind. His trail nevertheless triggers a spiritual corner amongst the backpackers which is eternal. 

Dzongri Trek

At 15,000 ft. above sea level, this 5-day remarkable trek starts from Yuksom in Sikkim. Covers a distance of 21 km with an isolated path towards the top, not crammed by many visitors. The path could be identified as narrow and slightly steeper making it challenging but adventurous in its true sense. Reaching the lower height of Dzongri, the trail reveals a frosty expedition that is exciting at the same time makes you restless to reach the top.

Hampta Pass Trek

Encountering ecological treasures that unfold during this trek, makes it stand out from all others. Embarking on a 5-day trek to explore a variety of mountainous habitats is just incentivized by the Hampta peak. The highest elevation of this trek is at 14,065 ft. where the peace stretches all its arms and seizes the Hampta influence. The best part of this trek is struggling through the heavy flowing crossovers and ascending green meadows while being surrounded by a flock of hilly goats and sheep. To experience this treasure trove, touring Hampta Pass between June to September is preferred. For beginners who are not willing to compromise a bit with adventures, this is the ideal trek for them.

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Sandakphu Trek

The highest point of West Bengal and “Trekkers Wonderland” is surfaced over a height of 11,500 ft. The magnificent views of Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse from the ridge, adorn the accomplishment of this trek. It starts from Maneybhanjang, located above Darjeeling, and can be reached from Bagdogra by cab. The time to visit this trail depends on your discretion as to which weather and view are suitable and  seems fascinating to you. Summer trek is from March to May and Winter trek is from October to January. The summer trail is famous for the lush rhododendron flowers which grow in abundance. Approaching steeper slopes reaching up to the top is another challenging but thrilling experience you don’t want to miss. The varied viewpoints at the top are indeed spectacular.