Mira Kapoor Is Savouring Some ‘Winter Goodies’, Can You Guess?


Winters are officially here, as we all can witness a drastic drop in temperatures, days getting shorter and nights getting longer. With the changing weather, our food preferences also transform. We can no longer binge on chilled drinks and icy cold popsicles, and we find ourselves inclined to consume hot soups and comforting halwas. There are certain kinds of foods which are customarily eaten in the winter season. These are seasonal delights that are exclusively available during the cold months and are best consumed during this period to derive maximum nutritional benefits. Mira Kapoor took to Instagram to share some lovely winter goodies she was savouring recently. Take a look:


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“Winter goodies! Panjiri, Karonda Pickle and the hot sauce which will have a permanent spot on my plate,” wrote Mira Kapoor in her Instagram story. Panjiri, also known as Pinni, is a popular dry sweet which is consumed in Northern India during the winter months. It is made by roasting whole wheat flour with edible gum, dry fruits, ghee and sugar. Panjiri is said to help generate heat in the body and also ward off seasonal infections. Similarly, Karonda or cranberry is a tart berry loaded with antioxidants and also helps boost immunity during the changing season. Karonda is a tarty and pungent winter pickle consumed in households across the country.

These are not the only winter delights that Mira Kapoor has treated herself to. Being a Delhi girl, she has quite the penchant for all things wintry such as leafy green vegetables. Recently, the diva posted a story of some hearty and delicious Saag that she ate for lunch. Calling it her favourite winter treat, she wrote, “My favourite season and favourite vegetable! I eat this every second day for lunch during winter. As it gets colder will add on the Makai Roti and Gud.” Take a look:


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Winters are all about eating wholesome and hearty things, and Mira is definitely acing the game. We would love to see what winter goodies Mira Kapoor makes in her kitchen next! What is your favourite winter treat? Tell us in the comments below.

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