Mira Kapoor Has Finally Found The “The Best Strawberry Tart,” See Pic


Looking for the yummiest tart can be quite a task. To get the perfect flavours and the right consistency of this shortcake is no joke. But it seems that Mira Kapoor has finally got her hands on the best strawberry tart. And, she isn’t keeping the news to herself. Sharing a photo of the delicious-looking dish, Mira revealed how much she loved it. She isn’t alone. Her husband, actor Shahid Kapoor also indulged in the sweet treat. In her story, we can see a scrumptious tart with a soft pastry base and creamy filling. Juicy and fresh slices of strawberries fill the top of the tart and our heart is already melting.

Mira Kapoor wrote, “The best strawberry tart in the whole wide world; I’m not joking.” She also added, “Shahid Kapoor has already demolished one (and a bite from this).” In the photo, we do notice that someone has a bite from the delicious shortcake.

Here is the photo:


Mira Kapoor was recently indulging in various cuisines while in Dubai. Starting from South Indian food to Italian dishes, she was up for it all. One morning she gushed about a South Indian “warm breakfast.” She captioned it, “As a vegetarian, it’s usually a south India meal, and then something to mix it up.” However, she did not stop with this cuisine. She soon changed her palate by indulging in an Italian platter. From white sauce pasta to deliciously topped pizza and vegetable patties, Mira’s lunch table was brimming with authentic Italian flavours. Read more about her gastronomic adventure here.

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When in Dubai, dive into good food the way Mira Kapoor does it. She went ahead and also tried French cuisine in Dubai. She posted a photo of a plate of oozing lump of burrata cheese served with slices of cherry tomatoes topped with fresh aromatic basil. Simply delicious.

Mira Rajput recently made a strong case for the lachha paratha and desi food. Flashing the photo of a plate of paratha with spicy curry and onion slices, Mira Kapoor wrote, “It’s been too long. Pyaaz aur hari mirch ki kimat tum kya jano [how would you know the value of onion and green chillies].” Find out more about it here.


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