Milind Soman And Ankita Konwar Are Gushing Over These Gujarati Foods


Milind Soman’s recent trip around the country is taking a rather delicious turn. The actor and his wife Ankita Konwar are in a foodie’s paradise on this trip. The couple is exploring the land of Gujarat. The two are having a great time relishing the food of the region and their social media posts are proof. Milind is gushing about a scrumptious spread of Gujarati cuisine. The photo that Milind posted on Instagram Stories, shows a plate of rice with dal poured over it. It is served alongside rotis, a plain vegetable mix and a Gujarati patra on the plate. Milind puts the hashtag “Gujarat” and adds a heart emoji to describe his experience.


Milind Soman enjoys a Gujrati thali

Patra is a dish made with Colocasia leaves. It not only tastes good but is also healthy. The leaves are rolled with spiced besan in it to make this dish. If you want to make it at home, try this recipe.

The couple has found a growing taste for the local cuisine in Gujarat. While Milind is busy giving us a glimpse of his Gujarati meal, Ankita Konwar is also showing us around the local food. She takes us through some delectable snacks from the region. In her post, she shares photos of two plates of jalebi and ganthia. That’s a Gujarati snack combo no one can miss when visiting the region.

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Ankita Konwar adds fun and more meaning to these food items with her thoughtful caption. She wrote, “You see the world as you are. In my case, that’s equivalent to a jalebi, sweet and twisted.” She spilt forth more than that. She added, “Also I cannot emphasize enough on the eating local part. If you really want to experience a place for real, eat the local food, talk to the local people and try your hands at the local activities. Don’t just be a tourist, be an explorer.” Here is her post:

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We love how this foodie and adventurous couple is having such a gala time on their Gujarat trip.


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