McDonald’s Japan Faces French Fries Shortage, Twitter Users React


French fries are one of the most-loved side dishes, typically enjoyed with a hefty burger. Potatoes are sliced thinly and deep-fried until golden-brown, sprinkled with salt and served hot. Burger chains such as McDonald’s are known for serving crispy and delicious fries along with their signature burgers. However, what would you do if the McDonald’s outlet you visited ran out of French fries? McDonald’s Japan is facing a countrywide shortage of potatoes, required for producing fries. McDonald’s will temporarily be serving only Small-sized fries, with no options for ‘Medium’ and Large-sized ones.

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McDonald’s is facing a shortage in potato supply.

McDonald’s Japan also issued a statement about the same on their website. They revealed that they import potatoes on a large scale from Vancouver, Canada. However, due to the recent flood situation in the country and the Coronavirus impact, the fast-food giant is facing a supply crunch. Apologising for the inconvenience caused, McDonald’s said that they were still trying to maintain a supply of small-sized French fries through cooperation with importers and suppliers in the area. The crunch is likely to continue till December 30, 2021.

Twitter users reacted to the news of McDonald’s Japan’s French fries’ shortage. Take a look at the reactions on social media:

Some users also pointed out that this is not McDonald’s Japan’s first instance of shortage. In the year 2014, the burger chain was forced to cut down its French fries’ portions after an industrial dispute among stakeholders at the US West Coast.

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