Masaba Gupta’s Sunday Morning Starts With This Healthy Drink; See Pics


Fashion designer Masaba Gupta has, time and again, given her social media followers a peek into her daily routine through her Instagram Stories. Apart from engaging with her followers and talking about diet and health, Masaba also shares images and clips of her meals and detoxifying drinks. In fact, she’s an inspiration for many people wanting to lose weight and eat healthy. On Sunday morning, Masaba uploaded a boomerang video of a simple yet healthy drink — a glass of “warm water, lemon, basil seeds (sabja)”. Guess, she began her day with this drink. Take a look at it here:


Masaba shared this picture on Sunday morning

In the past, Masaba Gupta shared diet tips for weight loss and how she had been struggling to fight Polycystic Ovarian Disease through a healthy diet. Once, she gave her followers a peek into her all-day diet on Instagram Stories. Masaba shared a series of images, and going by the timing of the posts, we felt that she could be following an intermittent fasting diet with 16 hours of break between meals. While she had a bowl of Greek yogurt, pomegranate, blueberries, and granola for a breakfast, Masaba’s lunch included chana pulao with a salad. To find out what else she ate, and also take a look at the images, click here.

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A couple of months ago, Masaba Gupta shared an image of her detox diet on social media. It was all the inspiration her followers needed to stay fit. Masaba’s detox bowl included lettuce, various types of seeds, pomegranate, and muesli. She also had a glass full of celery juice and a bottle of collagen. Find out more about Masaba’s detox diet here.

On another occasion, Masaba Gupta shared one more of her diet indulgences. She uploaded an image of a glass of celery juice and wrote about its health benefits as well. She also mentioned why people need to drink it regularly. Masaba stated that celery juice was “anti-inflammatory”, “good for bloating”, fought “Epstein-Barr and shingles virus”, was “great for skin, hydrating and calming”. She also told her followers to have “one full glass on an empty stomach but see if it works for you”. Click here to see the image and read more about Masaba’s celery juice.

Through her food posts, Masaba Gupta keeps motivating everyone to follow a healthy and nutritious diet. We are waiting for more of her food posts. Keep them coming, Masaba.


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