Madhuri Dixit’s “Sunday Vibes” Includes These Fresh Fruits


Fruits are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that help in the holistic growth of the body. They also work like magic for the skin and hair. And who knows it better than Madhuri Dixit who has been ruling our hearts with her beauty and grace since forever. While many people dedicate Sundays for indulgence, the actress likes to keep it healthy and fresh. At least, that’s what her latest Instagram post talks about. Madhuri shared a photo of sumptuous fruits on Instagram Stories and posted the same on her Instagram handle as well.

In the snapshot, we can see cherry tomatoes filled in a glass. Alongside, there are also what looks like sliced apples arranged on a plate along with strawberries. Madhuri captioned the image, “Making the right choices in your life is always important,” and added a slurping emoji alongside. She also added the hashtags, “Sunday Funday” and “Sunday Vibes”.

Take a look:

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Madhuri Dixit swears by healthy food time and again. Few days ago, she revealed about a healthy drink that helped keep her skin glowing. She posted a photo with a fresh coconut kept in front of her, and captioned the post, “Coconut water is always included in my daily regime as it helps me to relieve stress, keeps my skin glowing, and keeps me healthy.” Read more about it here.

Sometimes, Madhuri Dixit likes to savour desi food to her heart’s content. While she was in Gujarat recently, she made sure to try out a traditional thali from the state. Her thali had a variety of dishes including roti or chapati, fluffy puris, shaak (sabzi) prepared with various vegetables and spices, potato curry, khatti-mithi dal, and yummy kadhi among other dishes. Click here to see how she enjoyed her Gujarati thali.

On another occasion, Madhuri Dixit expressed her love for chocolate with, believe it or not, a dance. In a video, Madhuri, sporting sunglass, can be seen lip-syncing to a song. While she does it, brings her bar of chocolate close to her face and takes a generous bite. As she is chewing the chocolate, she begins dancing, expressing her joy. Watch the video here.

Madhuri Dixit is a true foodie and we love to see her culinary adventures from time to time.


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