“Live To Eat”: Rakul Preet Singh Relishes Her Delicious Meal As She Marks World Food Day


Rakul Preet Singh lives to eat! Don’t believe us? Well, head to her Instagram handle, and you’ll have proof of that. To mark World Food Day, which was on October 16, the actress posted a short clip of herself, gorging on some delicious food. The quirky video (Reels) speaks volumes about Rakul Preet’s love for food. While her hairstylist and make-up artist are styling her, Rakul Preet is busy chomping away from a bowl of what looks like either grilled chicken or fish fillet with vegetables. In the video, we see Rakul Preet getting ready with her hairstylist doing her hair and make-up artist brushing her cheekbones.

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However, the actress seems oblivious of everything happening around her, as she is busy eating from the bowl. She says “Guys! Food first, guys” looking at the duo. In the same clip, later we can see her eating what looks like omelette and bread. We could also spot other items like tandoori roti and creamy curry with gravy. Rakul Preet captioned the Reels, “Live to eat.”

Take a look:

Despite being a hardcore foodie, Rakul Preet knows how to balance taste and health. Earlier, she gave a twist to a tangy curd recipe and shared it on Instagram. In the post, Rakul Preet seemed to be having a dish that looked like curd rice but wasn’t so. In the caption, she said it was dahi (curd) with chia pudding. It’s a happy post where we see Rakul Preet putting a spoon full of this delicacy into her mouth. In the caption, she wrote that the live microbes in the curd the fibre in chia would help her keep the gut happy and free of any bloating. Read about it here.

Rakul Preet once had a gala time having some mouth-watering chaat on a film set, and she left no stone unturned to make us drool. She posted a video on Instagram Stories of herself relishing chaat. In the caption, she added, “Chaat chaat time, whoever says I don’t eat chaat.” Click here to find out more about Rakul Preet’s chaat time.

Be it fish, chicken, curd, or chaat, now, we know Rakul Preet just loves to indulge in good food any day. What do you think?


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