Kitchen Tips: 5 Easy Ways To Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown


We love fresh bowl of fruit salad. Don’t we? Crunchy and sweet fruits not only load us up with nutrients, but also make for a fulfilling meal anytime of the day. Buthow we hate to see those fruits turning brown! Isn’t it? Some fruits like banana, apple, guava etc turn brown if cut and left for long. And it surely looks so-not-appealing! The basic science behind this phenomenon is the exposure to air – it leads to a reaction between enzymes in the fruits and the air around you. Now, this brings up a question, how to prevent fruits from turning brown. While options are many, we found you the easiest hacks in the lot. Let’s take a look.

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Fruits make for a wholesome meal

5 Easy Tips To Prevent Fruits From Turning Brown:

1. Store In Air-Tight Food Bags:

Storing the sliced fruits in sealed bags helps lock moisture that further prevent the reaction between the enzymes of the fruits and air.

2. Immerse Fruit In Salt Water:

Salt or sodium chloride is known to help prevent the process of oxidation. All you need to do is soak the fruits in salt water and rinse it well with clear water. This prevents the fruits from getting salty.

3. Add Lemon Juice:

You may sprinkle some lemon juice on your bowl of fruits to prevent browning. The citrus nature of lemon helps reverse the process of oxidation and keeps fruits fresh for long.

4. Mix With Honey Water:

As per a report of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln website, you can dilute two tablespoons of honey with one cup of water, mix cut fruit with the diluted honey.

5. Wrap With Rubber Band:

You can also use rubber band to tie together the pieces of fruits so that they are exposed to air that leads to discolouration.

Try these easy tips and let us know which one was the most affective in the lot.

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