Kaju Makhana Curry Recipe – A Rich, Creamy And Healthy Dish For Special Dinner Spread


What do you usually serve your guests over for dinner? A buttery, creamy dish like butter chicken or paneer makhani is a must, right? Special occasions demand special meals, and our Indian palate can only be satisfied with rich, flavourful curries. It’s all good till we don’t really care about our weight or health in general. We all know that these heavy curries, if consumed one too many times, may cause issues ranging from weight gain to indigestion. So, we came out with an alternative, which is just perfect for a lavish vegetarian Indian platter. Read on to know more. 

We all add a bit of cashew nut (kaju) paste in our gravies to make them creamier. Here is a curry that makes good use of cashew nut paste and adds in other healthy ingredients to make a wholesome dish sans any cream or butter – Makhana (or fox nuts) along with desiccated coconut, milk, poppy seeds and fresh water chestnuts. 

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Makhana can be used to make a delicious Indian curry. 

Kaju Makhana Curry Recipe: How To Make Kaju Makhana Lajawab

This kaju makhana curry will definitely be the star of your dinner spread. A delightful melange of different foods, mixed together and smothered with some robust spices, this dense and creamy dish will leave everyone licking their fingers.

Here’s the full recipe of kaju makhana curry.

To make this dish, first prepare cashew nut paste by grinding together cashew nuts, poppy seeds, milk and coconut. Make the curry by sauteing the paste along with some common spices. Add roasted makhanas, cashews and chestnuts; cook everything together with some water. Then serve garnished with coriander leaves. You may also garnish with some cream to decorate it and make it creamier.

Next time you are having guests over, don’t even think twice over what to make. Just pick this recipe and impress them with your culinary skills. 

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