International Coffee Day Has Karisma Kapoor Raving About It


International Coffee Day has got us all raving about our favourite beverage. Coffee has our hearts and it is also the most cherished drink of many B-town celebrities. We don’t doubt that it has many takers in the Kapoor family as well. Karisma Kapoor has openly declared her love for coffee on International Coffee Day. She is celebrating the day with a quirky video. In the video, Karisma takes her cup of coffee and shuts the door on our face. Behind the glass door, we see her blissfully enjoying her cup.

In the end, she puts a “DND” note, asking us not to disturb her during her coffee time. She also wrote, “It’s International Coffee Day.” Her caption read, “I only need coffee on days ending with ‘y’.”

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It’s not just coffee that sends Karisma craving for more. Her fans know what a big foodie she is. But how far can she go with her food adventures? Here’s the answer. For her love of pizza, the actress can bring a slice of it right on her breakfast plate. Karisma isn’t shy about sharing her eccentric food stories with us. In one Instagram post, we see her biting on a delicious slice of pizza right in the morning while she is still dressed in her nightgown. “Pizza for breakfast kinda morning,” she wrote.

We don’t need to be reminded of Karisma’s food indulgences when she gets together with her sister Kareena Kapoor. The two can eat a whole feast all by themselves. “Always love our lunches,” wrote Karisma. After a hearty meal and a chocolate cake, the two sisters drop dead into a slumber in one video. Have a look:

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It’s not just coffee and chocolate cakes that drive her crazy. Karisma’s heart can skip a beat if she sees fresh vegetables lying in front of her. You don’t have to believe us. Watch her playing with some fresh produce on her balcony. She wrote, “That’s how Saturday goes… doing something I really love! Washing and drying all the veggies.”

What’s your next food adventure, Karisma Kapoor? We are waiting for more.


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