Indonesian Man Marries Rice Cooker; Divorces It Four Days Later


In the world of bizarre news, many things make us laugh and sometimes even make us wonder about different possibilities that can happen. And one such odd incident that has left many people amused is of an Indonesian man marrying his rice cooker! Yes, you read that right! Khoirul Anam, an Indonesian man, has caused quite a stir on social media after posting a series of photos of him marrying his rice cooker. In the pictures posted on his Facebook account, we can see him dressed in a traditional wedding attire along with a white rice cooker which was also dressed up for the occasion, in a translucent white veil.

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In the photos that he uploaded on his social media, he wrote that he decided to marry his rice cooker as it is “Fair, obedient, loving and good at cooking.” Ever since the photos were uploaded, it has garnered 7.9K likes and many comments that have left people amused. Take a look:

But unfortunately, this marriage lasted for only four days. When Khoirul Anam posted another update on his marriage, this time it was to announce his ‘divorce.’ On the post, he wrote: “My decision is round.. heavy indeed.. but this is the way I take.. no perfect partner.” Take a look:

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According to the reports by local Indonesian news and websites, Khoirul Anam is a well-known celebrity who performs bizarre stunts for the amusement of his fans. Since his ‘wedding’ to the rice cooker caused quite a sensation, it can be said that this stunt came in the light to gain social media fame.

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