Incredible! Man Makes Giant Soft Marshmallow, Shocks The Internet (Watch Video)


Such is the variety of exciting and heart-warming content on social media these days that a quick look through our favorite pages will lift up our moods even after a particularly tiring day. From toddlers and their adorable mischiefs to pets trying certain foods for the first time, each one has different fascinations that keep us hooked. For instance, foods of different sizes rose to popularity a couple of years earlier and are still managing to captivate our attention years later. From tiny miniature pizzas to human-sized cakes, there is something about these out-of-proportion food items that is mesmerizing, to say the least. A similar food post recently grabbed our eyes balls; a man was seen making a giant marshmallow that looks at least 100 times bigger than the original one.

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In an Instagram reel shared by @foodydreamz, we can see the creator of this giant marshmallow preparing it with different ingredients. The video was originally posted on TikTok by @mattstonie and has received 79.1k views, 5020 likes, and 13 comments on the photo-sharing app. The video showcases the step-by-step procedure of making a marshmallow and finally pouring the marshmallow mix in a big circular pot. The video starts with mixing gelatine and water, in another bowl a mix of sugar and corn syrup is brought to boil and mixed with the gelatine water. It is whipped together in a mixer and finally poured into the pot. The end result is a super satisfying and jiggly giant marshmallow. We can also see the giant marshmallow being compared to a regular one at the end of the video; take a look here:

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The video received many positive comments, some pointed out how satisfying it was and some suggested ways on finishing the marshmallow. One comment read, “I love how it all fits perfectly in the mixing bowl”, another one read “Yummy” and “You should sell this”.

Marshmallows are famous campfire food in western countries and people obviously couldn’t help but wanted to enjoy them in the signature campfire-style, a viewer commented “I want to torch the inside”.

Do you like marshmallows? Would you ever try this recipe to make one? Let us know in the comments below.


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