Mention the important aspect of the brand logo and slogan in the packaging industry?

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These days packaging of products is playing a crucial role. If the packaging boxes appear elegant enough, customers do not have any second thoughts. Meanwhile, if the packaging does not look promising enough, the product might stay on the shelf for a lot longer. 

But packaging is not just about picking a box. Many people think that if we choose a box with a unique style, we are all done. But it’s not true. A blank box with nothing on it can never attract a client. That is why packaging involves all of these factors:

● Brand identity,

● Typography,

● Color scheme,

● Logo placement,

● Study of dimensions, etc. 

But out of all these, brand identity is most crucial for both sales and marketing. What is meant by brand identity? A brand trademark is its identity. A trademark is what introduces the brand to the world. For example, a product designed in America would get recognized in China because of its logo.

Let us discuss some relevant aspects of the brand logo and slogan in the packaging industry.

Ways to print brand logo onto your boxes:

Let us discuss some ways to print out our brand identity on the packaging cases efficiently.

Printing methods:

There are various printing techniques to give a colorful and elegant look to our boxes. In addition, some printing methods are so quick that we can customize hundreds of packaging boxes wholesale in a few minutes. 

Some printing methods are:

● Rotogravure,

● Screen printing,


● Digital printing,

● 3D printing,

● Flexography.

Engraving and Embossing:

Both of these techniques are useful because they can highlight the brand identity quickly. In engraving, we carve out the design and fill it in with metalized foil. Meanwhile, the process of embossing helps us to give a 3D look to our boxes. 

Both processes might be different and require different tools. But They both are popular among luxurious brands. 

Logo placement for a professional look.

Printing up your brand logo on any part of the box does not make any sense. We have to study the box dimension and see where it looks more professional. Some brands print their logo in the middle of the box. Meanwhile, others print it off the top-most flap of the packaging. 

It always depends on where the trademark would be most visible. In the case of a website, designers place the logo on the top left most side. But unlike a website, a box is different. 

Highlight the product:

Does it ever happen to you that you saw a unique look on your way home, and now you can’t stop thinking about it? And in this case, all we can do is to search for that brand on the internet or get internet marketing services.

While searching for the brand, we liked their products and placed orders for some items. Now, you never knew about the brand before. You did not even know such a brand existed in the world. It’s all thanks to the logo that increased the net sales of that enterprise. 

This is what it means when we say a brand slogan and logo are part of a marketing strategy.

Increase the product’s value.

Have you ever bought a product with no logo on it? Let’s not ask such a tricky question. Instead, answer yourself: would you ever buy an item with a faded logo printed on it? 

A faded, blurry, or non-promising trademark, printed on packaging boxesoften is depicted as a fake product. Such a situation not only harms our sales but also affects our brand reputation. A low-quality logo is just as good as no logo printed on the case. Consider the quality and placement of your trademark and slogan before launching the product in the market.

The customer buys the product confidently.

What does it mean when we say a particular factor makes the client buy the item confidently? Let us take an example. 

You went to a store to buy a shampoo that we had been using for a few years. But while passing the aisle, something caught your eyes. It’s a new brand, one that you have never heard about before. You instantly observe its packaging. But what’s the first thing you would look at? It is the brand logo. Before getting to know anything about a product, we prefer to know its brand. 

And if the trademark looks elegant and professional enough, the customer can ditch the product he had been using for years. And that is the power a professional logo and branding holds.

Is beneficial for marketing.

The slogan is short phrases that can draw attention to a particular brand. A slogan is also known as the motto of a brand. In short, a slogan describes what the brand stands for, its purpose, and its goals. 

A good slogan consists of only a few words, but it conveys the message just right. Moreover, because these phrases are short, they are easy to remember. And hence prove to be effective for marketing and sales. 

Slogans are limited to one or more brand niches. No matter what product your company sells, make an effective slogan. Slogans can build a better relationship with a brand with its customers. 

Many companies also print their slogans onto the displays with comprehensive and unique fonts. And all of this is not new. This method has been adopted for some time now. 

Now, highlight your brand identity with your company’s trademark. Finally, develop an effective marketing strategy by carving your brand slogan onto your packaging boxes UK.