IMF’s Gita Gopinath Kicks Off 2022 With Pani Puri, Desi Twitter Reacts


Pani Puri, also known as Gol Gappa, Gup Chup or Puchka in various parts of the country, occupies a special place in Indian hearts and stomachs. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like the idea of making a hole into the puri, loading it with a filling of their choice, which could be mashed potato, sprouts, or chopped onions, then dunking it into a sweet or sour tamarind water, and finally popping it into their mouth and waiting for the explosion of flavours. We are sure this description has already got you salivating. It came as no surprise that IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath started her New Year with India’s most favourite street food – Gol Gappa! The dish, we are sure, warmed her heart and soul. Take a look:

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She shared a photo of herself on Twitter, devouring pani puri on New Year’s Day. Gopinath captioned the post, “Happy 2022! Gol Guppa aka Pani Puri to kick off the new year!” The post went viral soon, and within a day of being shared, it had got over 32,000 likes. It was also retweeted over 900 times. Many of her followers even commented on it.

Since she was born in Kolkata, one of the users was curious why she hadn’t said “phuchka”

Another user felt that the Pani Puris available at restaurants were no match for those made by street vendors.

Two users also got into a discussion on the cost of pani puris 20 years later, keeping inflation in mind.

There was also a user who made a comparison between the pani puri’s flavours and the “nation”.

Believe it or not, there were also a couple of users who compared pani puri with economics.

One of them also wanted a phrase “Economic Golgappa” to be coined, just like economic bubble.

Few of her followers also asked her to try having Pani Puris by the roadside, “standing on the pavement”, because they felt without that, the taste was incomplete.

Then there were also those who suggested Gopinath some options for the filling.

Truly, when it comes to street food, there’s hardly anything that comes close to the sheer joy one feels on gobbling up pani puris. Don’t you agree? Tell us in the comments.


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