Idli Tikki Recipe: Make Delicious Tikkis With Leftover Idlis For Mid-Week Indulgence


As soon as one mentions South Indian food, our minds directly think of fluffy and round idlis. This dish is one of the most comforting things to indulge in and even comes in lots of varieties. Whether you make idli fries, masala idli, chilli idli or even idli pasta- one can experiment as per their taste. So, to introduce you to yet another idli recipe, here we bring you a unique combination where this popular south Indian delicacy meets the taste of north in this recipe of idli tikki! Sounds interesting, right?

As interesting as idli Tikki sounds, we can assure you that it is also delicious. This recipe can be easily made with leftover idlis, and it also has a nutritional twist since you can add whatever veggies you like! Make this dish when you have unexpected guests and pair it with spicy chutney for maximum indulgence. Read the recipe below.


Here Is The Recipe Of Idli Tikki | Idli Tikki Recipe

To make this, first, take prepared idlis and mash them in a bowl. To this, add mashed potatoes, chopped veggies like carrot, capsicum and peas. Now throw in the red chilli powder, pepper, coriander powder, haldi powder and salt according to taste. Mix these well.

Then form small tikkis from this dough and pan fry them till crispy and golden brown. Once done, you can add a tadka of curry leaves and mustard seeds from the top and enjoy!

For the full recipe of idli tikki, click here.

Make this recipe and let us know how you liked the taste of it.


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