How To Reheat Soggy French Fries; Celebrity Chef Saransh Goila Shares Tips


French fries are a favorite amongst all ages. You can pair them with burgers, pizzas, pasta, or any food item of your choice and they fit perfectly fine on every single platter. In fact, they are pretty much considered a top-tier snack on their own as well. While French fries enjoy a raging fan base, it’s doesn’t require long for it to fall off the limelight. Because after a few hours, this all-time favorite snack loses the sole thing that makes it unique – its crunch!


Frech fries are a favourite among all ages

We can’t be the only ones that have purchased French fries in the hopes of enjoying them later – only to be met with disappointment when these turned soggy and tasteless – just after a couple of hours. And like many novice home-cooks out there, we tried to re-fry or microwave these only to meet more disappointment as nothing much changed even after many tries. While we were almost on the verge of giving up hope on ever being able to enjoy leftover fries, Chef Saransh Goila came to our rescue!

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In his most recent video, Saransh Goila has shared a tried and tested method to make sure your leftover fries regain the life and crunch in them in just a matter of minutes. Instead of refrying it in oil or heating it in the microwave or using the many other tricks that you’ve seen, all he does is adds the plate of leftover French fries in the air fryer for 3 minutes. And voila, you have crispy crunchy delicious snacks ready. Look at the video in detail here:

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