How To Make Pahadi Kebab: A Juicy And Flavourful Kebab Recipe That You Must Try


If you have ever been to the pristine mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand, you will agree that you are bound to fall in love with the breath-taking views, alluring landscapes and the adorable people of the hills. Commonly referred to as ‘Pahad’ in Hindi, these trips to the mountains are never complete without tasting some fiery and delicious ‘Pahadi’ food to warm you up from within. And no, we are not talking about the overhyped ‘Pahado ki maggi’; instead what will get you hooked about this raw and mystic cuisine is the simpler and more homely dishes.

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Made with simple and authentic ingredients, the Pahadi food is spicy, flavoursome and just what you need to bear with the chilly winter nights right now. What we have here is the recipe of one of the easiest kebabs to make at home – it is juicy, tender, has a refreshing taste to it and takes not more than a couple of minutes to be ready, and it’s called – Pahadi Kebab.


Pahadi Kebab are juicy and flavourful

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This recipe for Pahadi Kebab can be called one of the easiest and quickest kebab recipes. It requires not more than a couple of ingredients and the trick lies in marinating it for as long as you can. The Pahadi Kebabs are soft and moist bite-sized chicken pieces that have been lightly charred to give them a tandoori taste that we all love. The green masala made with coriander and mint seeps into the chicken pieces and creates a beautiful combination with the ghee that you roast it with. Can’t stop salivating? Try this delicious Pahadi Kebab recipe soon.

How To Make Pahadi Kebab At Home l Homemade Pahadi Kebab Recipe:

In a grinder, add coriander and mint leaves; add some roughly chopped ginger-garlic, chilies according to heat tolerance and other spices from the ingredients list. Let this marinate for at least an hour and then fry on a tawa. Once 80% done, put the chicken pieces on a skewer and roast on open flame, keep brushing ghee on these kebabs to maintain their moisture. Serve hot with chutney of your choice.

Click here for the recipe for Homemade Pahadi Kebab.

Try out this tasty and easy Pahadi Kebab recipe and let us know how it turns out in the comments below.


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