How To Make Mutton Spring Roll; A Scrumptious Recipe For The Next Winter Party


The party spirit has been on an all-time high recently; with every passing day, we get closer to Christmas and New Year celebrations! The frosty weather, malls and streets decorated with glittering lights, and the general merry feeling in the air make these last few weeks of the year a perfect time to get together with friends and family. Many of our calendars are swamped with year-ender parties and Christmas dinners. And if you’ve ever hosted one of these, you are well aware of the struggles of finding the perfect dishes for these parties. Keeping this in mind, we bring for you a scrumptious mutton roll recipe that is sure to fit perfectly in your party platter. It is delicious and juicy on the inside and golden and crispy on the outside. What we are talking about is a Mutton Spring Roll.

spring rolls

Spring rolls are loved by all

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The interesting fact about spring rolls is that these golden and crunchy rolls were originally made in China to welcome the season of spring, which coincidentally marks the Chinese New Year too. These rolls where stuffed with delicious seasonal spring vegetables and hence, the name, spring rolls. However, in today’s time these flavourful rolls are as much a celebrated part of our favorite Indo-Chinese cuisine as Manchurians and noodles. So why not treat your guests with these must-have, with a meaty surprise in them? Try making the classic mutton spring roll with this recipe here:

How To Make Mutton Spring Roll l Mutton Spring Roll Recipe

The spring roll dough has to be made with a little extra oil. Mix maida, salt, sugar and a good amount of oil and some water to knead the dough. Add some more oil and keep the dough aside. Create the filing by cooking the minced mutton with ginger, garlic, salt, pepper and soy sauce. Make thin layers of roti and put the stuffing in between and tightly roll the wrapper. Fry until golden and serve hot.

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Impress your party guests with these scrumptious rolls; let us know how you liked it in the comments below.


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