How To Make Jowar Vegetable Chilla: A Healthy Breakfast Recipe To Kickstart Your Day


When it comes to cooking something quick for a healthy breakfast, there are many options to choose from. But one of them that definitely tops our list – it is the humble chilla. This low in calorie breakfast can easily be made with just a few ingredients and fills your stomach in no time. Whether you make a plain chilla, vegetable chilla or even a Chinese chilla- there is no end to the variety! But if you want to give your regular chilla a high protein twist, then here we bring you a recipe of yummy jowar vegetable chilla!

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Jowar, which is also known as sorghum, is considered one of the healthiest ingredients that one can indulge in. This grain is known to have many health benefits like improving digestion, boosts immunity, improves heart health, controls blood sugar, and it can also help to improve your skin and hair! With such benefits of this ingredient, let us check out the recipe of Jowar tomato chilla.


How To Make Jowar Vegetable Chilla | Jowar Vegetable Chilla

To make this dish, in a bowl, add jowar flour, wheat flour, chopped ginger, chopped onion and tomatoes. Next, add masalas like red chilli powder, pepper, salt and coriander powder. Finally, add water and mix them well. Make sure the consistency is not too thin.

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Then heat a pan, add some oil, spread the prepared mixture from the top, and cook till golden brown. Once done, serve with some chutney and enjoy!

For the full recipe of Jowar Vegetable Chilla, click here.

Make this healthy breakfast, and let us know how you liked the taste of it.


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