How To Make Dalgona Candy? From The Trending OTT Show Squid Games (Recipe Inside)


The Korean culture has us completely hooked! We just can’t get enough of their songs, celebrities, fashion, TV shows and food. The trending dalgona candy is a result of that. Recently the OTT show ‘Squid Games’ introduced us to the wonder of the dalgona candy. This Korean candy is very popular among Korean children as a game is played with it. Also known as Korean honeycomb toffee, this is a hard candy with a honeycomb texture made of sugar and baking soda and it sold by street-vendors

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These candies have different shapes etched on it using a cookie cutter. In Korean culture, the children are often challenged to cut the shape out of the candy without breaking the shell using a needle. If one is successful, then the street vendor gives a second candy as a reward. It is this very children’s game that was recreated in “Squid Games”. Ever since then, people can’t get enough of this candy and are looking for ways to make it at home. That is why we have brought to you the recipe of dalgona candy. Now you can enjoy the sweet pleasures of this Korean dessert at home!


How To Make Dalgona Candy | Korean Honeycomb Toffee Recipe:

This candy is prepared inside a ladle. Start by adding sugar to the ladle and place it over medium to low heat. Slowly stir the sugar in the ladle till it entirely melts. Once the sugar . Pour the mixture on to a silicone mat. Use a press to flatten the liquid evenly. Place a cookie cutter to add a shape to candy and then let it cool completely.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Dalgona Candy.

Sounds easy, right?! Recreate this candy at home and even you can join in on the delicious fun of the game. Do tell us how liked it in the comments section.


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