Gujarati Food With McDonald’s Name, Harsh Goenka Starts A New Game On Social Media


Ever wondered what would McDonald’s call a Gujarati dhokla? Or a samosa? Well, industrialist Harsh Goenka has flared up our imagination in that direction. In a recent tweet, the RPG Group chairman took a fun dig at McDonald’s trend of renaming Indian foods on their menu. In the tweet, Mr Goenka wrote a list of Gujarati food items. Then, he changed their names and added the “Mc” prefix to each one of the names. Here’s what he wrote, “When McDonald’s introduces local snacks in Gujarat: Jalebi = McSpiral; Fafda = McKrispy sticks; Patra = Mcleafy Patrels; Dhokla = McSpongy cake; Kachori = McSpicy rolls; Samosa = McVeggie Pyramid; Bhajiya = McFritters.” He also added a photo of the Gujarati snacks.

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Here is Mr Goenka’s tweet:

The wordplay has not only stunned Twitter users but has also led them to device their own versions. One user renamed khakra as McSpicy crackers, thepla as McSpicy crepes and more.

Another replied to Mr Goenka’s post, “Sir kachori can be McHollowPuffy Fry instead.”

What would McDonald’s call a dabeli? A user got the answer. They called dabeli a McTangy Burger. They also renamed Muthiya as McSoft Nuggets and Ghugra as McCrispy Nuggets.

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Can you guess what McPoridge is? According to a user, that’s the McDonald’s version of basundi.

Batata vada and mirchi bhaji also joined the game. McSpicy Balls and McChilly Tubes are their new names, according to a user.

Mr Goenka’s tweet received some funny yet thoughtful objections, too. For instance, a user did not like the name McVeggie Pyramid for samosa. Reason? Check it out here:

Another noted that McDonald’s does not change the names altogether but only adds the “Mc” prefix to the Indian food words. he wrote, “But if McAloo Tikki is the way they name, it will be simply like McDhokla, McFafda.”

A user went a few steps ahead and posted a platter of rasmalai, kachori and dhokla. However, they preferred calling them by the names devised by Mr Goenka. They captioned their photo, “We had McSpongy cake, McSpicyrolls and McRasmalai today.”

It seems Mr Goenka has started a fun game on the microblogging platform.


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