Guide to preserving your wedding dress after the big day

There are tons of things that can be done with the bridal dress after the Big Day. While some brides choose to sell it off, others might be interested in donating it or simply look to upcycle it. However, most brides usually choose to preserve it – as an heirloom or keepsake for the next generation. Thus, to make sure that your precious purchase continues to be in its pristine form for a long time to come, here’s our guide to wedding gown cleaning and preservation. We have the answers to your questions. So, keep scrolling!

What is wedding gown preservation?

As the name implies, wedding dress preservation is a specialized cleaning and treatment process that helps the gown stay pristine for years to come. Bridal gowns are intricate and delicate garments that are prone to yellowing and other forms of damage over time. If not stored properly or treated with the right solutions/ chemicals, the oxidation and damage may worsen. When you opt for reliable and professional wedding dress preservation, it prevents damage to the gown and keeps it safe for future generations.

Is wedding gown preservation necessary?

If you’re the sentimental type or perhaps want to keep the gown as a keepsake, you’d have to opt for wedding gown cleaning and preservation. The process gets rid of stains and protects the garment from long-term aging. For those who have a tight budget after the wedding, at least get the dress dry cleaned, wrapped in acid-free paper, and store it in a climate-controlled environment. On the other hand, there are brides who choose to get the gown professionally cleaned after the Big Day, but choose not to have it preserved!

Here’s what a cleaning and preservation service offers.

  • A professional bridal dress cleaning and preservation service suggests a requisite preservation plan based on the stains, the embellishments on the dress, and the fabric used.
  • They would use appropriate solvents to get rid of the stains. This is different from the general treatment that standard dry cleaners offer.
  • The professional gown cleaners clean and preserve the dress in a timely manner – before the stains set in for good.
  • They keep the gown in a specially crafted preservation box and explain how to keep it for long-term preservation.

How long can you wait before opting for gown preservation?

Technically, you can wait for months and even years before opting for wedding gown cleaning and preservation, however, it’s best to get it cleaned and preserved at the earliest. There are times when the wedding gown seems in perfect condition, but actually has invisible stains. Over time, these stains set in, oxidize, and the place develops dark patches. Exposure to weather elements such as heat and humidity further hastens the process. Long story short, get the gown cleaned and sent to a preservation specialist within a week. You’d be doing yourself a favour. However, if a considerable amount of time has passed since the wedding, don’t fret. It is never too late to get the gown cleaned and preserved.

Wondering whether a yellowed gown can be whitened?

Yes! A yellowed dress can be whitened by professional wedding gown cleaning experts. However, prevention is always better than cure. It is worth noting that it takes only six months for a white and pristine gown to turn dull and lose its shine. So, act fast to avoid all the hassle.

If you have a dull and discoloured wedding dress, look for reliable cleaning and professional services – particularly ones who have experience in dealing with yellowed gowns. Look for testimonials where people have shared before and after images. You can even check for online reviews and find out if the service could actually whiten a yellowed gown. This way, you can find the best wedding gown cleaning and preservation service – a reliable place for your valued possession.