Gondh Ke Laddoo: How To Make This Winter Delicacy; Health Benefits Of Gondh Ke Laddoo


It is that time of the year again when layers of warm clothes don’t seem enough to fight the cold weather outside. Winter is here and so is the time for warm mittens, cozy blankets and some super delicious seasonal foods. Amidst all these, we just can’t forget the diseases the season brings along – cough, cold, sore throat being the most common health issues during the winters. This is why boosting immunity gets more important than ever. What fascinates us the most is that you do not need to go to great lengths to look for immunity boosting foods! Instead, if you explore, you will find most of the winter delicacies we eat are made with such immunity-boosting nutrients. Take gondh ke laddoo for instance. A popular sweet treat in the Northern part of India, gondh ke laddoo is widely prepared during the winters.

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Before jumping into the recipe, let’s understand what gondh is. Gondh is an edible gum widely used to prepare several nutritionally loaded recipes. Alternatively known as Tragacanth or acacia gum, it is usually sourced from plant gums. These gum-producing plants found in the Middle East and parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab. Gondh is water soluble and has long been used as a binding and a thickening agent by the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Health Benefits Of Gondh:

According to nutritionist (at FITPASS) Meher Rajput, “Gondh has been a part of traditional medical practice since ages. It has no taste or odour and turns into a gel-like substance, when soaked in water.”

Ayurveda expert Yogi Anoop further stated that gondh is popular for being an immunity-boosting agent. “It helps boost stamina and health. Besides it helps boost energy and benefits people with weak nervous system, anxiety and depression. It also helps manage vitamin D levels in our body.” Besides it works as a great skin care agent and helps you treat dry skin problem during the winters.

All these factors make gondh ke laddoo a perfect food for winter indulgence. Let’s find how to make gondh ke laddoo.

How To Make Winter-Special Gondh Ke Laddoo | Gondh Ke Laddoo Recipe:

For making this laddoo, we need gondh, atta, dry fruits, makhana, desiccated coconut, elaichi powder, powdered sugar and oodles of ghee.

First heat ghee and fry the gondh. Then roast almonds, cashews and makhana one by one. Keep aside. When the almonds, makhana and cashews cools down, coarsely grind them. Again, add ghee in the pan and saute atta. Finally add the gum, crushed dry fruits, add sugar and mix everything together. And make small laddoos out of the mix. Cool the laddoos and store in airtight jar.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of gondh ke laddoo. 

Make it at home today and enjoy a healthy and tasty winter season. And do let us know how you liked it.


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