Genius Or Bizarre? Idli On A Stick Is The Innovation That Got Shashi Tharoor And Anand Mahindra Talking


Everything was completely normal, and then one fine day someone decided to put pineapple slices on pizza and hence began the food wars. The bizarre and interesting food experiments and combinations kept coming and have not stopped to this day. Some meet with a raging fan following while some are tagged as plain, simple weird. One such innovative food combination has recently caught the eyes of business tycoon Anand Mahindra and he wanted his Twitter followers to comment what they think – and let us tell you, the reactions did not disappoint at all!

Confused what are we talking about? Here is the picture Anand Mahindra recently shared on his Twitter page. It is a plate of Idlis on a stick while Sambhar and coconut chutney is being used as dips. The post has been gaining likes and retweets with every passing hour and by now has 1,054 retweets and 13.7k likes. Look at it here:

Shortly after, Shahi Tharoor shared the same post but he seemed to be in favor of the idea, look at his tweet here: 

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While Anand Mahindra’s concern for innovative food is something we can all relate with, what stole the show are the different comments that people had to give on his creative idea. From humble support to outright repulsion, the Idli on a stick has been garnering some very strong feelings from the Twitterati.

Some have pointed how this might be a great on-the-go snack or how it could save water or manpower needed to wash spoons and plates.

Others pointed out the fact that Idli Sambar is in fact a dish where you douse the soft round Idlis in the tangy Sambhar and use your hands to mash and enjoy the authentic flavors, and this bizarre version is unacceptable:

Lastly, many have also pointed out that there is in fact a type of Idli that is made in leaves and has a similar cylindrical shape to it but is enjoyed without the use of sticks and dips.

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And finally comes the notorious memes which are sure to give you a good laugh amongst all the chaotic discussions:

Bizarre or genius? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.


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