Freddo Cappuccino – The Greek Coffee Recipe Is Brewing A Storm On Social Media


Coffee is one beverage we adore in all its shapes and forms. Nothing compares to that first sip of a freshly-made coffee to give you a boost of energy and kick-start your day. Iced coffee also has a raging fan following across the globe. In 2020, we saw how the simple Dalgona coffee recipe from Korea went viral on social media. A frothy coffee mix was made by mixing coffee, sugar, and water and topped over chilled milk to create a unique and delicious drink. We have seen many different variations and versions of the Dalgona coffee surface online. And now, another iced coffee recipe is here to refresh our senses and tease our tastebuds. Freddo Cappuccino is the latest coffee recipe from Greece that’s brewing a storm on social media.

Freddo Cappuccino is a Greek iced coffee that has recently become extremely popular in the cafes of the country along with neighbouring regions of Italy and Cyprus. It is said that Greek people love their iced coffee so much, that they sip on it even when the temperatures drop. Freddo is closely related to another cold coffee recipe from Greece – the Frappe. The only difference between the two is that while Frappe uses instant coffee powder in its making, Freddo makes use of a shot of Espresso. Freddo Cappuccino’s original recipe was posted by food blogger Carolina Gelen, and it has been going viral ever since. Take a look:

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Freddo Cappuccino is basically made by mixing ice cubes or crushed ice, a shot of Espresso and sugar in a shaker till it becomes light and frothy. You can also use powdered Espresso for this recipe. The Freddo coffee mix is then added to a glass and topped with frothy milk or cream and served absolutely chilled with ice cubes!

The two layers of coffee and cream are mostly kept separate and allowed to blend together at the usual pace. Some add flavours like vanilla to the cappuccino as well. Alternatively, you can have it without the cream on top, also known as Freddo Espresso.

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Cold coffee lovers, you have got to try this amazing and easy Freddo Cappuccino recipe today! Do you think Freddo Cappuccino could be the next viral recipe on social media? Tell us in the comments below.

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