EDP445 : YouTuber Accused of Child Grooming


YouTube pedo hunter Alex Rosen and CC UNIT have found evidence that EDP445 has been harassing minors online. The videos show the YouTuber sending sexual texts and pictures to a fictitious 13-year-old, posing as a minor. They include pictures of ejaculation and masturbation.

Bryant Moreland is a YouTuber

A YouTuber who goes by the nickname EDP445 has been accused of sending sexy messages to underage girls. This was uncovered by the YouTuber ColdRaven in eight episodes. It’s unclear what these messages mean. EDP445 has since deleted his social media accounts. However, he’s attempted to bounce back on other video-sharing sites. In April of 2021, he was caught by a group called “Predators Poachers” who confronted him. Since then, he’s lost many of his subscribers and has been suspended from many sites.

After being banned from YouTube, Moreland moved to an apartment in Henderson, Nevada. He tried to find work but was unsuccessful. He did work for a trucking company, but left it due to dissatisfaction. He then tried driving for Lyft, but was soon recognized as the driver.


Moreland has more than 135k subscribers and his channel has over 177 million views. His videos include rants and reviews. He also makes cooking and gaming videos. But the majority of his videos are related to Philadelphia Eagles.

Recently, the internet has gotten very upset with the EDP445 phenomenon. This YouTuber, who goes by the name “Bryant Moreland,” has received several threats. Some netizens feel that Moreland should be jailed. While TikTok has not reacted to the incident, one user has offered to share evidence to the detectives.

He has been accused of stalking and making sexist comments. He has also had his Instagram account taken down due to these allegations. Despite the numerous threats he has received, his channel has received over 1.9 million views in a few months.

He has 2.4 million followers

YouTuber EDP445 has over two million followers. His videos have been featured in memes and he has been called out for inappropriate comments on other people’s videos. In his ten years on YouTube, he has been able to gain fame through his videos. His content is usually humorous and focused on interacting with his fans. He is also a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Despite a difficult time adjusting to life outside of YouTube, EDP445 hasn’t given up on social media. In fact, he has recently appeared on livestreaming app Bigo, where he is building a content-creating profile. He’s also got a TikTok account, which is causing controversy. Many internet users are upset about the size of TikTok’s audience.

However, his popularity has waned as a result of scandals involving the content of his videos. In one case, he sent explicit messages and photos to a teenage girl. As a result, YouTube banned his videos and other social media accounts. After the scandal, EDP445 tried to come back on other social media platforms. He even boasted on Instagram that he would begin creating content once again.

The incident triggered anger among netizens, who believe EDP445 should serve jail time. Some users complained that TikTok is putting pressure on users for past activities. Bigo’s Discord page said TikTok is investigating the case.

He was arrested for child grooming

The internet has been buzzing over a Youtuber named Edp445, who was arrested and charged with child grooming. His videos and comments have been seen by millions of people. He has been accused of communicating with an underage girl and sending explicit messages to her. The video was posted on a website called Predator Poachers.

Edp445 was arrested and charged with child grooming and paedophilia in April 2021. The 13-year-old girl met with the YouTube star via live-streaming. During the conversation, Edp445 used a dummy to communicate with the girl. Later, he met the girl in person. The entire exchange was live-streamed on the Internet. Since then, fans have been discussing the inappropriate conversation. The YouTube channel had been cancelled three days later.

The video maker has denied the accusations against him. The arrest follows a pedophilia investigation that began in November 2016. The police conducted a sting operation and a search for EDP445 in Berkeley. It was discovered that EDP445 was talking to underage girls. He even pretended to be an underage girl in order to communicate with them.

Activist groups called Predator Poachers have been trying to expose child predators online. Their members have posted videos of their encounter with Edp445, aka Bryant Moreland. The video has been taken down after being made public, but the activists claim that they caught the pedophilia suspect on camera.

Despite these reports, child predators do not seem to stop operating. In fact, many of them are active on Twitter. One of these pedophiliacs, EDP445, was caught on video trying to meet an underage girl. The arrest was made possible thanks to a group called Predator Poachers.

He has been banned from social media

A YouTube vlogger known as EDP445 has been banned from social media. He has received multiple complaints of inappropriate behavior towards underage people. His original name is Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland, and he has more than 2 million YouTube subscribers. However, he has also been accused of catfishing and interacting with underage girls. He has even been accused of talking about sexual fantasies with a decoy girl, who is 13 years old.

The social media site YouTube removed several channels linked to EDP445. One of the channels, which was run by Chet Goldstein, had a video showing EDP445 having sexual conversations with a teenage girl. Goldstein’s account has been suspended from the site for a week. He is not expected to return to the site for at least a month, but he has taken to the alternative social media websites Bigo and Tik Tok.

The video shows EDP445 speaking to a girl he allegedly met online, before setting up an in-person meeting. A video of the alleged meeting was posted on YouTube. The YouTuber denied the allegations in a YouTube video. He claimed to be out for a cupcake, but later admitted that he had contacted the girl and sent her messages about sex. He also admitted that he was sexually attractive to underage girls.

In addition to YouTube, EDP445 was banned from other social media sites after being accused of sending inappropriate photos and messages to a minor. While his social media presence was hampered by the allegations of misconduct, his videos are still widely shared on other social media sites.

He resurfaced on TikTok after the Super Bowl

Bryant Moreland, also known as ‘EDP445′, is a popular YouTube star with two million subscribers. He gained fame as a vocal Philadelphia Eagles fan and often posts mukbangs, rants, and vlogs. After a brief hiatus from the social media world, he recently resurfaced as a TikTok content creator. This time, he focused on the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl LVI.

EDP445 has gone viral on numerous occasions, usually when the Philadelphia Eagles lose. However, in April 2021, he was banned from his social media accounts and YouTube. This followed allegations that he had met a 13-year-old girl. For several months, EDP445 went underground and rumors circulated that he was in jail. Despite the scandal, EDP445 has resurfaced on TikTok.

Although EDP hasn’t posted anything on his YouTube channel since the Super Bowl, rumors persist that he is in jail. However, he has returned to TikTok and is gaining a small audience again. His videos have become popular amongst fans of the Eagles and have become viral for years.