Dussehra 2021: 5 Classic Mithai Recipes To Make At Home This Festive Season


People across India celebrates Dussehra today (on October 15, 2021). Also called Vijayadashami, it calls an end to the nine-day-long Navratri celebrations. While North India celebrates Dussehra with Ravan Dahan, Bengalis mark this day with visarjan of the idol of Goddess Durga. While the mode of Dussehra celebration remains unique to each region of the country, what remains common for all food. Be it Dussehra or Dashami, people come together and wish each other with hugs and sweets. Barfi, laddu, jalebi, gulab jamun and more – the list of Indian sweets is long and extensive. While each of these mithais are easily available at any nearby halwai, making them at home has a different vibe altogether.

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Considering this, we bring you some classic Indian sweet recipes that you can make at home for the festive fare. And the best part is, each of these recipes are quick, easy and uncomplicated. Take a look.

5 Classic Mithai Recipes That Every Desi Foodie Swear By:

1.Kaju Katli

Let’s start with the evergreen kaju katli. You can easily make kaju katli at home with some basic ingredients including cashew nuts, sugar, water and kesar. The best part is, it can be prepared in less than an hour. Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Kaju Katli.


One can never have enough of gulab jamun!

2.Gulab Jamun

No festival seems complete without some hot gulab jamuns. It is one such dessert that has a fan following across ages. It is made with khoya, flour and dipped in sugar syrup infused with saffron. Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Gulab Jamun.

3.Besan Ke Ladoo

Besan ke laddoo needs no seperate introduction. It is made with gram flour, ghee, and flavoured with sugar and cardamom and shaped into tight round balls. If stored well, these ladoos can be kept fresh for long. Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Besan Ke Ladoo.


Enjoy milk cake as your Dussehra mithai!

4.Milk Cake

This milky, creamy, desi fudge is made with milk and khoya. It has been one of our go-to desserts of all time. Milk cake can easily be made at home too. We found an easy recipe for you. Take a look.


Another milky and creamy dessert, kalakand can also be made at home. In this recipe, we use milk and cottage cheese to get the halwai-style creaminess and texture in the dish. Click here for the step-by-step recipe of Kalakand.

Try out these delicious recipes at home and make the festive season a lavish affair.

Happy Dussehra 2021, everyone!


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