Dim’er Kalia Recipe: Make A Quick And Comforting Bengali Egg Curry For Weekday Meal Spread


The Bengali cuisine is a delicious medley of simple and fiery flavours. Those rich and robust dishes are teeming with homemade masalas and seasoned with the most commonly found spices, but yet, manage to tingle our taste buds every single time. From the succulent and juicy Kosha mangsho to the ever-famous Bengali Maach-bhaat combo, the cuisine of West Bengal loves its non-vegetarian dishes to a great extent. However, if you thought the Bengali spread was all about the fish or mutton, you will be surprised to know that egg curries in Bengali cuisine taste just as decadent as any other delicacy. One such popular egg dish is Dim’er Kalia, The dish is a sweet and spicy explosion of flavours that can be enjoyed for a comforting weekday spread.

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Kalia is a range of Bengali dishes that are made with different ingredients, ranging from Fish Kalia to Mutton Kalia. This preparation calls for a spicy and sweet gravy, and slightly sautéed eggs- both these ingredients are mixed and cooked well until the eggs have seeped in the flavours of the gravy. There are various versions of Dim’er Kalia, but what we have here today is the easiest of the lot. The best part is that the dish will be ready in a matter of minutes for you to enjoy a quick and comforting weekday meal. Pair it with white fluffy rice and enjoy.

How To Make Dim’er Kalia l Dim’er Kalia Recipe:

Boil eggs and remove the shells, make light vertical slits on the surface of the eggs. Marinate the eggs with turmeric, red chilli powder and some salt. After around 10 mins, lightly fry these eggs and keep them aside. In another pan, slightly roast the spices and make a paste out of them. In the same pan used to fry the eggs, add whole spices, ginger-garlic, onions, prepared masala mix and curd and make a thick gravy. Add the fried eggs, cook for a while and serve with hot rice.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Dim’er Kalia.

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