Different Types Of Dubai Visas

The process of getting a visa need not be a hassle In fact, it’s likely to be one of the easiest visas to obtain regardless of whether you’re applying for resident, investor, or tourist. This guide will help you determine the right Visa Services Dubai for you.


If your property is a home that is worth AED one million or more in Dubai and you’re qualified to receive the investor’s visa. But, the property must not be secured by the mortgage. Property owners must provide an original passport as well as the title deeds in the direction of Dubai Economic Department. The Department will issue a trade permit on the property following approval from the Dubai Land Department. Once the license is issued the person can then visit the Immigration Department to obtain the 2 year residency visa.

1. Investors who own a property worth more in value AED 5 million can qualify for a 5 year renewal visa. The Visa Servicescan be renewed on the condition that the owner keeps possession of his property.

2. Investors who own a property valued at AED 1 million or above can apply for a 2-year visa. This is also the case the Visa Servicesis renewable in the event that the owner keeps his ownership of the property.

3. Investors who have investments in public funds that are worth AED 10 million with deposits are also qualified for 10 year visas. Real estate cannot be more than 60 percent of this sum. The property must be kept and unsold for at least three years.


A normal tourist visa can be issued via an airline or a reputable tour operator, or the relative of a friend or relative that is resident of the UAE. Females under 18 years of age cannot apply for the visa, however, dependents can apply for it with no fee for visas. Tourist visas for a single entry of 30 days is as low as AED 350.


If you’re a frequent traveler is the case, you should think about obtaining the transit visa (more often referred to as a 96-hour transit) in the direction of your destination. You can get the Visa if you’re traveling with one of the nation’s airlines. These include Emirates, Fly Dubai, Etihad Airways and Air Arabia. Check the rules. It is possible to obtain one upon the arrival to Dubai by going to the Marhaba services counter located in Terminal 1, or the Emirates Hotels and visas for Dubai desk located in Terminal 3. The visa cannot be guarantee as the issue to you the permit is dependent upon Dubai Immigration Department approval. A transit Visamay cost as little as 50 AED.

You will need to bring your confirmation of ticket to Dubai along with a colour photograph of your passport, a copy of your passport, color copies of the bio page of your passport and the final page, which must include your the full name, your citizenship, date and date of birth as well as the passport number, the date that it was issued and the date of expiry. The name of your father or legal guardian, the name of your mother. Your passport should remain valid for at least of 6 months at date of travel. Every airline has its particular visa form that they fill out.


Certain countries may be granted an entry visa for 30 days upon the arrival date, while other countries can get visas for 90 days, so long that your travel documents are valid for 6 months. Check out the list here. Indians who have an active US visa or green card can apply to stay in the United States for 14 days. Indian passport holders who have UK as well as EU residency are qualified for visas on arrival in the UAE. If you’re an GCC resident, you’ll have to apply online for a visa. Apart from that, GCC nationals don’t require to obtain a visa for entry into the UAE.


This Visais specifically for students from abroad who wish to pursue their studies in Dubai. To apply in this category, applicants must have an admission letter from their school or medical fitness exam pass and a visa sponsor which could be the university or the parent or relative approval of the appropriate General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). The validity of the visa is one year.

Male students who are over 18 years of age need to be enrolled at an accredited university to receive sponsorship from their parents. If they do not, they’ll need to get sponsored by their university. Females may be covered under the visa of their parents until wedding. If the student is completing their high school within the UAE then they can get an additional one year visa.


To be able to be able to work legally in UAE legally, you must have this visa. When you are hired by the company and they will be able to handle the conditions for you. This involves taking an examination for medical conditions, photos and passports as well as an attested academic certificate and also an official employer (your business in this instance). This allows you to get the residency permit for two years. It can also be transferred in the event of a change in employment.


Your spouse or children are able to be granted a Visaonce you’ve got one. To be able to sponsor them, you have to earn a minimum wage of AED 3000 plus accommodation or AED 4,500 without accommodation.


If you are the owner of a company and are a resident of the United States, you can apply for investors visas. This process requires the issuance of a valid business licence along with medical tests, photos, and passports. The applicant must have more than AED worth of shares, and also deposit the refundable amount of AED 10,000 to get the visa. The money will be returned after the visa is canceled. Entrepreneurs who have an investment minimum of AED 500 000 or approval by a business incubator will be granted the chance to apply for a 5-year multi-entry visa.

For applicants who have less than AED 70 000 shares the security deposit must be AED 20,000.


If a person is retired and is older than 55 can choose to apply for retirement-related visas that are that is valid for five years. The eligibility requirements include any or both of these:

1. Invest on a house that is worth AED 2 million

2. Have savings in your financial portfolio of no lower that AED 1 million

3. Earn an income that is not less than AED $20,000 per month.

Note: The rules for visas and requirements for business setup in Dubai and the UAE are constantly changing prior to your embark on a trip, you should consult the appropriate authorities.