Decorate Your Home For The Holidays


It seems like we’ve all been feeling a little more stressed lately. There’s a fun way to make the holidays more enjoyable, and that’s ….decorate.

 1. Why You Should Decorate Your Home For The Holidays 

Psychologists have explained that it is actually good to embrace the season, and focus on holiday preparations and decorating. The positive effects of decorating the Christmas tree, hanging the mistletoe and making ornaments for Christmas can all be beneficial to our mental health. These are just a few of the reasons you should decorate for the holidays.

  1. Holiday decorations can be a healthy distraction from exhausting things: You can just concentrate on decorating your space and not worrying about politics, viruses, crazy people or money stress.
  2. Feels a bit more in control: Decorating gives you the ability to master your environment and feel in charge. You can feel out of control sometimes. Take this opportunity to take back power even for an hour while you spread holiday cheer all around.
  3. Focus on the Little Things: This is more than just putting out a small Christmas figurine and saying “Aww, that’s adorable!” You can recognize that even simple decorations can bring joy and excitement. Sometimes, it’s so easy.
  4. A Celebration is Uplifting: It’s always fun to count down to Christmas. Starbucks offers the eagerly awaited seasonal drinks. Friends surprise friends with small treats. Dogs are wearing their elf costumes on walks. This is a great time to get into the holiday spirit.
  5. Improved hospitality: This is an important benefit, especially if guests are frequent visitors. Decorating is more than just for fun. It’s also a way to make your home a welcoming place for guests. You don’t need to worry about guests when you decorate your home as it will always be available for them.
  6. Energy efficiency: Energy efficiency is another great benefit of home decor. You can decorate your home to make it more energy efficient. Furniture is excellent for insulation because they offer additional thermal barriers. Carpets and rugs provide insulation. Window treatments can also reduce the need for air conditioners. These decorative elements can help reduce your Pennsylvania gas and electricity consumption.

 2. How To Make Your Home The Talk Of The Town On A Budget  

No matter whether you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer or just want to learn how to do simple projects, there are money-saving tricks that will help you decorate the best house in your block and still have enough money to buy gifts for your family members.

Decide a theme

Sticking to a theme will help you reduce impulse purchases. You can make your home more cohesive and avoid spending too much on ornamentation that doesn’t fit your design plan.

Set a budget

Saving money involves careful planning, not just shopping at sales or using coupons. It helps you keep your spending within your budget. This is something you will only discover once you have taken stock of how much you can spend on holiday decorations.

After accounting for all fixed expenses (bills), and any discretionary spending such as groceries, you can take a look at what is left. How much of your remaining funds can you allocate to your holiday decorations?

Opt for double-duty decor

Double-duty decor is best if you decorate for other holidays like Thanksgiving. It is possible to save money by decorating for only one holiday, while many themed decorations can be used for both.

 3. Energy-Efficient Outdoor Holiday Lighting 

Holiday lights can vary in energy consumption and costs. Large, traditional bulbs (often labeled C-7 and C-9) consume approximately 7 watts per bulb. LED holiday lights are the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to brighten up your home this holiday season.

LEDs produce light without the use of a filament. This means that they produce very little heat and can be more energy-efficient, safer, and longer-lasting and beneficial in reducing power switch rates.

Safety is an important consideration when decorating for holidays. Here are some safety tips when using outdoor lighting. Remember that outdoor lights that worked well last year doesn’t mean they are fine to use this year as well. It is best to reduce the risk of a fire by spending a few minutes checking plugs and cords for potential hazards.

You should throw out any light fixtures with frayed wires, cracked insulation, damaged sockets, and/or damaged sockets. Also, ensure that holiday lights have the seal of approval from a recognized safety testing laboratory like Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Outdoor Lighting Safety Tips

It’s a great resolution to make your entire house more energy-efficient after the holidays. Your Pennsylvania electric utility can help you to keep that resolution. Certain electric utilities can offer energy-saving tips and programs, including home weatherization and online audits. These will allow you to pinpoint where your home is wasting energy from your computer, tablet or smart phone.