Dance accessories and their importance

Dance is one of the highly recognized art forms in the world. Due to the many advantages of dance and the number of kids interested in it, Australian schools offer a wide variety of dance form classes for their kids. It allows the kids to choose the suitable and likely dance form. But in every type of dance, there are several accessories needed for the safety and comfort of the performer. For example, jazz shoes can help to avoid stress on the feet and slip on the floor. So it is significant to select the appropriate accessories suitable for every dance form.


It is the primary concern for every dance form. Due to the difference in the styles of performing, each dance form requires its dress outfit styles. The well-optimised dress for a particular dance form is only suitable for that one. Using this dress in other forms of dance can cause limitations in movement. The selection of the outfit depends upon various factors including,

  • Fit: Many dance forms require tight dress types, and in some classical performances, the dresses need to be loose and heavy. So the fit of the outfit solely depends on the kind of performance.
  • Material: The material made of the outfits can also vary with variations in the performance style. But in most performances, the dresses need to be stretchy and should support the body movements.
  • Features: The dance outfits need to have some features like breathability. Long hours of practice in non-breathable gear can irritate the performer. Another must-have characteristic is the ease of cleaning and fast drying. Most people practice regularly, and it is easy to get the outfit dirty. So the dress material should support easy washing methods like machine washing.


Many dance forms require the use of shoes. In some performances, footwear is a must, and there are several types of dance shoes like jazz shoes. These are not regular shoes and need to have certain traits. The importance of shoes in dance is,

  • Protection for feet: Regular practice sessions can cause a lot of stress on the feet. It can cause problems in the feet that will start to hurt. The shoes can also help the person avoid cuts on their feet due to any material on the dance floor.
  • Avoids slipping: Slipping is a significant problem for most dancers. Many dance floors are designed to reduce friction to make it as smooth as possible for ease of performance. Even though this feature helps the dancer to perform well, the same trait can cause slipping. Slipping and falling can cause severe injuries, and sometimes these injuries will prevent the artist from performing for the rest of their lives. Due to this problem, the use of suitable shoes is usual among many dance forms.

The selection of shoes

  • The choice of the shoe starts with the size. While buying the usual shoes, the size can be a bit larger. But this adjustment is not suitable with dancing shoes, and these shoes should be of fit size. Otherwise, it can get loose while performing and causes problems. Also, too tight shoes will cause pain in the feet, and it needs to be avoided.
  • The comfort of the feet is the comfort of the performer. The Feet are one of the most straining parts of the body during dance performances. So the shoes used for the show should provide some comfort to the feet.
  • The safety of the feet is significant for any artist. A good quality shoe can protect the artists from various problems, including twisting and fracture of the feet.