Custom Mugs: How They Make Up For The Best Gifting Solutions

    Mugs have been around since medieval times, and there is no denying that they generally make wonderful gifts. But what is better than a simple mug is a customized mug that makes even better gifts. 

    We know that earlier, it wasn’t possible to make customized mugs. But thanks to the advancement in technology today, it is possible and relatively straightforward to make personalized mugs. These days, one can customize a mug with photos, messages, or quotes. Moreover, a person can gift a custom mug for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

    What Are Customised Mugs? 

    Customized mugs are mugs that are custom designed and personalized to make them unique. These mugs have been used as a gift option for a very long time as they make an ideal gift because they are both cheap and unique. People can customize mugs with messages, pictures, or even quotes based on the occasion. Custom mug photos are one of the best gift ideas to give to our loved ones. These mugs are generally made of materials such as ceramic. Furthermore, one can opt for customized white mugs as they are highly recommended, but that does not mean one cannot use other colors as it is all about personal preferences. 

    Different Ways To Print On Mugs

    Before planning on gifting someone a custom mug, it can be a great help if one knows a little about the techniques used to produce them. Therefore, let us acquaint ourselves with some of the most commonly used printing techniques for custom mugs.

    • Litho printing or as commonly known as the transfer printing method, is excellent for printing on custom mugs.
    • Dye sublimation which is known for being one of the most recommended techniques for printing on custom mugs 
    • The direct screen printing method is ideal for making simple designs and textures on mugs made of bone china.
    • Digital custom mug printing is a convenient way of printing pictures or designs on custom mugs made of different materials.

    Why customized mugs are one of the best gift options

    Custom mugs have become very popular these days. Customized mugs give a person an opportunity to give something unique to their loved ones along with a sense of personal touch. There are numerous perks of using customized mugs as a gift option because they feature exceptional qualities. These qualities include: 

    • Affordability
    • Customizable
    • Numerous options to choose from
    • Unique appearance
    • Easily accessible
    • It does not require much effort

    Therefore, let us take a detailed look at these qualities:

    • Affordability- Custom mugs are usually very affordable, which is why people are attracted to these Custom mugs cheap. These days, almost everyone prefers customized mugs for gift purposes for their affordability.
    • Customizable- One can customize these mugs in any way they want. One can add photos, quotes, or any message and even choose the color and the size of the mug. 
    • Numerous Options To Choose From- One can decorate custom mugs in many ways. For instance, one can choose photos, quotes, and messages. In addition, one can use preferable fonts, sizes, and styles while writing anything on the mugs. Further, one can even create a collage of photos and use that. 
    • Unique Appearance- No doubt, the customized mugs look impressive, and the chances of two mugs looking the same are significantly less. They will have different colors, or photos, or messages, or something else.
    • Easily available- Nowadays, customized mugs or personalized mugs are easily accessible, meaning one can get these mugs through both online or offline mediums. There are many websites as well as stores that make customized mugs. 
    • They can be personalized- Customized mugs are great gifts because they enable one to highlight the personalities of the recipient. For instance, if a person loves books, then most likely, photos of a library or books will be used for their customized mug.
    • Effortless and hassle-free- The entire process of making customized mugs is rather hassle-free and straightforward. All one has to do is upload the desired design or message, enter the delivery address, make the payment, and voila! They will get the mug within 3 to 4 days. Or one can even customize a mug from a store by simply searching for custom mugs near me. 

    How To Make A Customised Mug: 

    With the right knowledge and right technique, one can easily make a customized mug. But is it that simple? Let’s find out by taking a look at the following steps to create your customized mugs. 

    Step:1 Get a mug 

    The first step would be to find a mug. One can also purchase a mug. Or reuse the one you already have. But one has to make sure that there is no writing on it. The preferred canvas color is white.

    Step 2: Create your design

    Secondly, you need to create your design. It would be easier to decide the strategy first. To make the design, one can take help from the internet. Or they can also use the receiver’s photo. Once satisfied with the design, they can finalize it.

    Step 3: If needed, paint the background

    This step is optional. If the person is satisfied with the background color of the mug, then they can skip this step. If not, they need to paint the background of the mug with the color of choice. 

    Step 4: Transfer your design from the paper to the mug 

    This step is a very crucial one. In this step, one needs to transfer the design to the mug. For that, they need to cut the photo or the design. Then they need to paste the design on the cup. And finally, they need to use a waterproof spray on the design and make it waterproof.

    Step 5: Adding a personalized message. 

    This step is also optional. One can add a personalized message if one wants. 

    Bottom Line

    Overall, customized mugs are pretty cheap. Yes, maybe there are occasions where other gifts are more suitable. But customized mugs will never go out of trend. They are evergreen gifts that are affordable. Moreover, they show a lot of love, adoration, and thoughtfulness.