Craving A Piece Of Jalebi? Take A Look At Milind Soman’s “When” And “How Much” To Eat


With his perfectly toned body, Milind Soman is an inspiration to many. Do you think his eating habits only consist of all things healthy? Well, then you are in for a surprise. Milind revealed his love for jalebis in an Instagram post. We see him holding a jalebi in his hand while posing for the picture. Looks like he just knows the art of balancing between eating healthy and succumbing to indulgences. He wrote an elaborate caption where he admitted that he liked to eat jalebis at times. He further stated that fitness, to him, meant a life of freedom, not restriction.

Further in the caption, he added that he wanted to enjoy everything that life and the world had to offer. And of course, some mouth-watering jalebis are no exception.

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He wrote, “We all know what food is good and bad for us. All I do is eat more of the good and minimise the bad!” For him, it’s about “more vegetables and fruits, very little refined sugar”.

He continued telling his followers about his food habits and said that he consumed more whole food and less of the over-processed, over-packaged, and over-refined items.

He added that when it came to food, he believed that “when” and “how much” are more important than “what”.

Here’s his post:

Milind has given some serious fitness goals to many. That’s why his fans are often curious to know about his eating habits. In order to give his Instafam an insight into his food journey, Milind revealed his daily meal plan. In this post, he said that he started the day with nuts and fruits. For lunch, he preferred one part of rice and dal khichdi with two parts of seasonal vegetables. He likes it with two teaspoons of homemade ghee. He likes to have six chapatis with vegetables in the absence of rice. He rarely eats chicken or mutton. Even his black tea has jaggery, not sugar. Read about his food habits here.

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Some time ago, Milind was on a trip to Gujarat along with his wife, Ankita Konwar. He did have a great time relishing traditional Gujarati cuisines. He posted a picture of a sumptuous meal platter on Instagram Stories that left us drooling. We could see some dal poured on white rice, rotis, curry, and a special Gujarati patra on the plate. He added a heart emoji with this post. Click here to find out more about it.

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