Cost comparison of diamond jewelry in USA and UK

The diamond industry is a global industry with a footprint all over the world. Today, you can buy diamond jewellery from any country or even place an order online. Technology has advanced so much that today there are several avenues through which you can place an order for your favourite diamond jewellery. Diamond jewellery can be an expensive purchase and you may have to start saving for it early on. However, the prices for diamonds depends on a lot of factors and one of the factors is where you are buying it from.

The pricing for diamonds are majorly based on the 4C’s of diamonds namely the carat, the cut, the clarity and colour. The carat is basically the weight of the diamond. The more the carat of the diamond, the more expensive it will be. The second C is cut of the diamond. This basically determines the brilliance of the diamond depending upon the number of surfaces it has. The diamond can be cut in several ways. Some of the popular cuts are round cut, oval cut, princess cut, cushion cut etc. The most popular cut is the round cut which are used in diamond solitaire rings and the diamond tennis bracelet. The next C is the colour of the diamond which can range from greyish brown to colourless. The diamonds are formed under the earth’s crust under a lot of pressure during which other elements may get incorporated into it and affect the colour of the diamond. The rare colourless diamonds fall into the D, E, F and G categories but the majority fall into the H-L range. The diamond categories of M and below have a light yellowish tinge to it. The last C is the clarity. The diamonds that are mined naturally may have some inclusions or impurities, most of which are invisible to the naked eye but can alter the pricing of the diamond in a major way.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the pricing is also affected by the region where you buy it from. For example, in countries such as India, China and Belgium where there is a huge industry for diamond cutting, you can buy diamonds for a lot cheaper than the other countries because the seller here need not add additional cost of shipping and export. Similarly, in a country like USA which has a large and very competitive diamond market as compared to the UK, the prices for a diamond engagement ring will be slightly cheaper than any Hatton Garden engagement rings in UK.The more competitive the market is, it’s more likely for the prices to decline. If you compare the prices of diamond jewellery from an online store and a brick and mortar outlet, the prices will be lesser for the ones that are available online since the seller doesn’t have to pay for the upkeep of the retail store and not worry about the salary of the salesperson. Hence, the price of diamond jewellery differs considerably based on the factors mentioned above.