Christmas 2021: This Last-Minute Chocolate Brownie Can Be Made Quickly For Christmas Celebrations


Have you decorated your Christmas tree, wrapped gifts for your loved ones and are now waiting for the celebrations to begin? No Christmas fare is complete without the festive-special desserts. Plum cake, cupcakes, gingerbread cookies, brownies, madeleines – there’s a gamut of options to adorn your dinner table with. While many start preparing for the festival in advance – making plum cake and mulled wine – there are some of us who leave it all to the last day. We just need some nice quick dessert recipes that also let us scurry in the holiday spirit. To our luck, we found this amazing recipe of Christmas brownie that is sure to instill Christmas fervour into the celebrations. 

What’s special about this brownie is that it looks almost exactly like a Christmas tree, polished off with green frosting and colorful sprinkles, representing Christmas tree decor of stars and snowflakes. The brownie is propped up on an ice cream stick that makes for the trunk of the tree. But that’s not all! This quick and easy brownie can be whipped up in just around 30 minutes. Those who have to bake something last minute for last-minute party plans, this brownie recipe is just perfect. What else? Just like all winter-special goodies we like to devour in this season, this brownie abounds with chocolate goodness. The brownie looks so pretty that It will attract not just the kids, but every one of us too. 

Another great feature about this brownie is that is easy to eat with the stick, making no mess around the house. 

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Christmas Brownie Recipe: How To Make Christmas Special Brownie At Home:

Click here for step-by-step recipe of Christmas brownie.

To make this special brownie, first melt some dark chocolate and keep aside. Then prepare the batter with eggs, all-purpose flour, sugar, butter, melted chocolate and some coffee. Garnish with hazelnuts and bake. When done, cut into triangle shapes, pipe ice cream sticks into them and decorate with buttercream made of softened butter, icing sugar and edible green colour. 

Do make this wonderful Christmas tree chocolate brownie for your family and friends, and of course, for yourself, this festive season. Merry Christmas 2021! 

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