Christmas 2021: 5 Kombucha Cocktails That Will Let You Celebrate Guilt-Free


The holiday season of Christmas and New Year gives us the perfect excuse to blow off some steam and have some fun. Most of us go all in to indulge in the festive feasts while some of us are still not ready to let our guards down, and have health concerns simmering at the back of our minds. For all of us, drinking healthier cocktails is the way to go. Kombucha has recently taken the world by storm with its various health benefits. So we decided to dig up some nice cocktail ideas made with kombucha, which taste good too.

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is a combination of sugar, tea and bacteria. The tea is made by mixing black or green tea leaves, sugar and an active starter culture of yeast, left to ferment for anything between seven to 10 days. Click here to see how you can make kombucha at home. The origin of this tea can be traced back to China, where it has been consumed since the ancient times.

Health Benefits Of Kombucha

Kombucha is prized as a powerful probiotic. Besides maintaining gut health, kombucha also helps energise the body, fuelling it with antioxidants to keep infections and illnesses away.

Kombucha Cocktails To Try For Christmas 2021:

You can either make your own kombucha or get it from the stores. Mix up with your favourite liquor and other foods to get a refreshing drink for the festival season.

1.    Apple Kombucha:

Instead of water, add kombucha to your glass of vodka. Fill up quarter of the glass with kombucha and apple juice to fill it up to the brim. Throw in an apple slice and enjoy the sweet drink.

2. Kombucha Mojito:

This is simple. In place of soda water and bottled juice, use kombucha. Pour your rum in the glass, throw in some crushed mint leaves, one spoon of sugar, some lime juice, and fill up the glass with kombucha.

3. Ginger Kombucha

This is a perfect winter drink. Mix some crushed ginger in vodka, add some lemon juice, and top it all up with kombucha.

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4. Kombucha Gin

Add a tablespoon of strawberry juice or syrup to the glass of gin. Mix in a dash of lime juice and pour kombucha to make a glass of this red kombucha delight.

5. Kombucha Whiskey

Add some honey to mask the pungent smell and taste of whiskey. Add a few drops of lime juice, and mix in kombucha instead of water.

Let’s be creative and serve these healthier cocktails to our guests this festival. 
Merry Christmas 2021!


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