Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Microwave Toffee Pudding Is Ready In Just 10 Minutes


Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is a name well-known in the world of food. He dons several hats, including that of a restaurateur, food critic, television star and author too. The social media fan following of chef Gordon Ramsay often enjoy his harsh verdicts on recipes created by bloggers online. So, when Ramsay himself shared a recipe from his kitchen, we definitely had to sit up and take notice! The ace cook made a delicious sticky toffee pudding in just 10 minutes using a microwave, and he shared the recipe online too. Take a look:

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Believe it or not, chef Gordon Ramsay actually recommends using a microwave to cook faster. Calling it his ‘favourite assistant’ or ‘Chef Mike’, Ramsay said, “Sometimes, I promise you, it [microwave] can be helpful on certain occasions.” He then proceeded to show the full recipe of the delicious sticky toffee pudding. The delightful treat was topped with a sweet caramel sauce which was created in just 10 minutes flat!

Chef Gordon Ramsay started off with a date mix in which he pureed chopped dates with the help of soda bicarbonate or baking soda in the microwave. Then, he prepared the cake mix with butter, brown sugar, golden syrup, flour and a single egg. The date mix was then added to the pudding batter and baked in the microwave for about three minutes. Along with this, a delicious caramel sauce was prepared by Chef Ramsay which was spread on top!

Watch The Full Video Of Microwave Toffee Pudding By Chef Gordon Ramsay:

So, next time you want to whip up something sweet in a matter of minutes – take notes from chef Gordon Ramsay’s recipe! You never know when your microwave will create something truly masterful.

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