Bizarre! Man Finds Whole Potato In Bag Of Chips, Calls It The ‘Survivor’


We have all taken part in mocking famous chips brands for their minimum quantity, deteriorating quality or removal of our favourite flavours from the market, right? But even after all these complaints, we continue to munch on our favourite light and airy potato snack almost every chance we get. A man from the UK was on a similar binge when he was baffled by what he found in his potato chips packet. And no, it wasn’t the meagre amount of chips or bad quality or anything missing, in fact, the shock came with what was present in the packet. Dr David Boyce, A Physics teacher from Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, was left in splits when he found that his bag of Kettle Potato chips contained just one sole potato. Boyce took to Twitter to tell of his bizarre discovery, “So I opened a bag of @KETTLEChipsUK today to find no crisps. Just a whole potato,” he wrote while sharing a picture of the potato.

In an interview with LincolnshireLive, David shared his thought on the potato, he said, “My mind went completely blank. At first, I thought ‘how is this even in here?’ and then I thought ‘what a champion, this little guy is a survivor’, the little potato that refused to be a crisp.”

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David’s tweet caught the attention of people and some shared similar experiences while others just laughed at the coincidence.

Some of the Twitter users had a hilarious assumption that this is the new era of ‘DIY crisps’ where you make the potato chips for yourself.

The KettlechipsUK also commented saying they would like to discuss about the potato in detail, to which David replied ‘You can have it if you want’

It turns out David wasn’t left hungry and perplexed after his new discovery – thanks to all the other snacks he had to accompany him. What a way to enjoy your favourite chips, right?


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