Biryani Over “Boyfriends” Is Karisma Kapoor’s Motto


There is something really special about biryani that cannot be expressed in words. A mere mention of the dish is enough to make you salivate and leave you craving. Well, looks like Karisma Kapoor agrees with us on this one. The actress, who is also a foodie at heart, posted a couple of photos where she’s seen looking at a plate biryani. Sporting a cap, Karisma seems to be so enamoured by the plate that she isn’t even interested in looking at the camera. However, it’s her cheeky caption that caught our attention. Referring to the text on her cap, she wrote, “I don’t do boyfriends…I do biryani”.

Karisma added a slurping and laughing emoji, and the hashtag, “Lolo loves”. For the uninitiated, Lolo happens to be her nickname.

Take a look:

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Food plays an important role in Karisma Kapoor’s life even when she celebrates festivals. Recently, on Christmas, she laid out a lavish spread that included a variety of delicacies. She shared photos and videos of the same on Instagram Stories. On the table was a rich flambe chocolate pudding. She lit the brandy-coated dessert in a flame. In the same clip, we could see some vanilla ice cream too. Karisma’s other Stories gave us a glimpse of her Christmas dinner. There was a plate of roasted meat with sauteed vegetables, spaghetti, gravy among other food items. Take a look at Karisma’s Christmas feast here.

Karisma Kapoor often likes to satiate herself with mouth-watering desi food cooked in delectable spices. Once, she enjoyed dal gosht and kadak pav for dinner and made us slurp. From the photos she shared, we could see a bowl of dal ghost with mint leaves served with pav. She thanked her sister Kareena Kapoor and friend Amrita Arora for the treat, and wrote, “Dal gosht and kadak pav, killed it.” Read more about it here.

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Karisma Kapoor likes to devour homecooked food even when it’s about succumbing to her sweet indulgences. Earlier this year, she had shared a photo of a glass full of creamy phirni garnished with crunchy pistas. She wrote, “Homemade goodness.” Click here to see how the decadent dessert looked.

Karisma Kapoor, we like to see your culinary adventures from time to time. Keep them coming, Lolo.


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