Bhumi Pednekar Welcomes ‘Saag Season’ With A Drool-Worthy Platter (See Pics)


Winter season is officially here and we can see the changes all around us. The days are getting shorter and chillier, comfy and warm sweaters are out of the closet and we find ourselves craving hot beverages on a regular basis. A number of winter-special foods are waiting to be devoured and green leafy vegetables like sarso, methi, palak, and bathua are high up on that list. However, it’s not just us who is excited to munch on these winter staples – in her most recent post, Bhumi Pednekar can be seen beckoning these winter foods with open arms! There’s no doubt that Bhumi loves good food, but if you thought the actor was all about international dishes, this post is here to prove you wrong! Winters mean ‘saag season’ for Bhumi and she is all hearts for the green dish on her plate – topped with a hearty amount of white butter, Bhumi enjoys a platter of sarso ka saag with roti and it instantly made us crave for some!

Bhumi uploaded a short clip on Instagram stories and wrote ‘Winter is coming… Saag season is here…’ and thanked her friend for treating her with this winter delicacy.


‘Saag season is here’ writes Bhumi.

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Sarso ka saag and Makki ki roti is a classic combination that screams winter, and Bhumi seems to be in love with the dish. This isn’t the first time the actor has spelled out her love for winter greens; in fact, Bhumi seems to love sarso ka saag so much so that she is ready to whip it up any given moment. Last year Bhumi prepared an equally enticing platter of sarso ka saag topped with oodles of white butter at home, look at it here.

We can’t help but crave the delicious sarso ka saag and makki ki roti combo after seeing Bhumi’s love for it, what about you?


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