Bharwan Aloo, Bharwan Baingan And More: Try 5 Lip-Smacking Bharwan Recipes To Amp Up Your Meal


When it comes to experimenting in the kitchen, there is no end to what all we can make with just a few ingredients. Whether you quickly make some sabzis or curries, these everyday recipes are easy and delicious. But what if we told you that you could amp up your routine dishes by adding a yummy bharwan mix to them?! Sounds interesting, right? So, if you also want to give a twist of taste to your regular recipes, then check out these yummy bharwan recipes that are perfect to cook on any occasion!

Here Are 5 Bharwan Recipes To Make | Bharwan Recipes:

1. Bharwan Mushroom

If you love having mushrooms, then the dish is just for you! This delicious snack recipe is not only easy to make but also makes a great starter for any event. In this dish, mushrooms are first boiled, and then the yummy stuffing of onions, ginger-garlic, and mushroom stems are added in between. For the full recipe of this dish, click here.


2. Bharwan Aloo

Potato is a versatile vegetable. You can easily make anything out of them, and they will always taste delicious. For instance, take this bharwan aloo. The yummy baked potatoes filled with spices and veggies makes a delectable snack to enjoy any time. See the full recipe here.


3. Bharwan Shimla Mirch

Shimla Mirchi just tossed with different veggies can get boring in taste. So to give that a twist, fill the capsicums with a yummy stuffing of potatoes, cottage cheese, cashews, raisins and bake them to perfection. This dish has a smoky taste to it and is best enjoyed with some melted cheeses. Find the recipe here.

bharawan shimla mirch

4. Bharwan Karela

We know that your relationship with karela might be that of love or hate. This vegetable is known to have a bitter taste, and to change that, here we have a recipe for yummy bharwan karela. This dish is easy to make and has a lip-smacking flavour. See the recipe here.

5. Bharwan Baingan

Think of baingan, and the first thing that comes to our mind is baingan bharta. But to give you a new twist of taste, this recipe of bharwan baingan is a must-try! Filled with delicious masalas and cooked in butter, this recipe has a mouth-watering taste. Find the recipe here.


Make these yummy bharwan dishes, and let us know how you liked the taste of them!


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