Beware! This Bizzare Egg Popcorn Recipe Has The Internet Confused


What is your go-to movie snack? For us, it would have to be popcorn. Cinema lovers all around the world know that going to a movie theatre means buying a big tub of popcorn. There is a certain unanimous, unspoken agreement about it. The love of popcorn has led to the invention of interesting popcorn flavours that taste equally delicious. From caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn, chocolate popcorn to even tomato popcorn. We have tried and tested these wonderful flavours through culinary experimentations, however, not every culinary experimentation can be a success. We have a found popcorn experimentation that has the internet confused! What if someone makes egg-flavoured popcorn? Have a look at the video yourself:

In the video, we see corn kernels being cooked in an egg and a few minutes later the popcorn is ready. The video is uploaded by @scottsreality_ and it has over 3.1 million views and 124k likes! Eggs are loved in the form of breakfast, lunch, dinner and are even used in desserts such as cakes, souffles; but very rarely have we seen an egg used as a flavour and that too for popcorn. That is why to think of an egg flavoured popcorn can be so confusing. Instagram blogger @scottsreality is known for cooking bizarre things. In one of his videos, he tried to deep fry an entire book! Yes, you heard it right. He coated a book in batter then deep-fried it till it was golden brown. Have a look yourself:

As weird as egg popcorn (or fried book) sounds, doesn’t it make you curious about how would it taste? If you do get your hands on a dish like egg popcorn, what would you do? Would you be happy to eat it? Would you find it too weird to eat? Or what weird food inventions would you be interested in trying? Do tell us in the comments section below, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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