Best Pocket Knives and Folding Knives for the Outdoors

There are the easiest knives around the folder because they can always fit in one pocket, waiting to be used. Sheath knives are only easy when you have a sheath knife on your person all the time, and most of us can’t. For some ridiculous reason, even some desert areas do not allow carrying sheath knives, while folders are allowed almost everywhere. Everyone should have a knife in their pocket or cut out of their pocket in the desert (or actually, all the time).

Good folders can be everything from small case peanuts to a strider and everything in between. Any size can be useful, but the smallest may not be suitable enough for most people on the field. If a large knife is also carried, any pocket knife should be used. Swiss Army Knives are some of the most popular models for good reason. Victorinox and Wenger are the most popular brands, but all well-known models are made by Victorinox. Alox handle models and larger models are the most popular among outsiders. Pioneer harvesters and farmers are the best choice in the small Alex model. Both have good blades and saws, which are the most important options for the forest shieldon knives. Among the larger models, Rexack, Tracker, and Forrester are the best choices. Everyone has a big blade and saws, making them more useful than small models if used as a general use knife. Many Victorinox models are of very good quality, but their names are perfect for the outside.

Traditional folder types such as Stockman, Trapper, Copperhead, Peanut and Congress are also good options. Stockman and Trapper are their favorite for jungle use, but they’re all good. Case, GEC, Booker and Queen are some of the companies that make the best traditional knives. If you need cheaper options, check out Rough Rider and Steel Warrior. None of these companies make knives as good as others have mentioned, but they are very cheap and of good quality.

For a more modern “tactical” style, Bench Made, Spiderco, Cold Steel, and Kershaw make cheap to moderately expensive, but excellent quality knives. As far as these knives go, the bench is at the top of the midline. His Griptilian is an amazing knife that costs less than $ 100. I did everything I wanted, until I lost it. Rikus is a huge folder that was recently closed, but a great knife. Also makes good spider knives. Delika and Andorra are the most famous and famous. The Spiderco Tinaseis is a Chinese-made knife that is gaining a good reputation for working knives. Kersha and cold steel make slightly cheaper knives, and Kersha in particular is very popular. The Karsha Tiered is a great knife if you can get it, and Junk Yard Dog II, needs work, and the Skyline models are great too.