Beginner’s Guide on How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

Own Fire Pit

In our previous blog, we discussed how to build plasma cutter fire pits and a few sheets of steel. Here, we will talk about the beginner’s guide on how to build your own fire pit. This time, a different fire pit, a permanent one. For taking a glance at different available designs of plasma cutter fire pits, you can check it out at

A permanent fire pit looks more appealing in your garden space than a temporary one. Moreover, a fire pit is a fantastic addition to most gardens. Both a portable plasma cutter fire pit or one made of brick serves the purpose equally well. It creates a feature for socializing around, during those long balmy summer evenings. 

And do you think it will be a difficult task to build a fireplace? No. It is remarkably easy to build a fire pit. It will be as easy as our previously discussed plasma cutter fire pit. 

The tools that you would need to make a sustainable fire pit are

  1. Spirit level. 
  2. Spade
  3. Rubber hammer
  4. Trowel. 

The materials that you would need are:

  1. 112 clay bricks
  2. Small stones/gravel
  3. Wood and paper for fire

Where to Build The Fire Pit? 

 Firstly, decide on the location of your pit. Make sure it is several meters away from trees, bushes and buildings. 

This is advisable, as burning wood can snap and pop, sending sparks into the air and increasing the risk of fire spreading. 

Your fire pit will soon become a  key focal point in your garden, so bear that in mind when you work out its position.

For instance, you might not want it in the center of the lawn or hidden away in a corner.

However, if you have less space, you may want to go for the plasma cutter fire pit. The reason is that the plasma cutter fire pit will have a compact design and can easily fit in a small space. 

Also remember, you’ll also want enough space around the fire pit to place chairs for socializing. 

Building the Fire Pit

We will preferably use standard clay bricks to build the fire pit. As these are capable of withstanding high temperatures of the pit.

The fire pit can be of any size, but if it’s less than 50 centimetres across, the fire won’t burn well. And if it’s more than 1.5metres across it starts to become unwieldy. Ours will be 55 centimetres across. 

Step 1

The layout of bricks is critical. Firstly, lay out a row of three bricks in a line. Then a brick at the end at a right angle. Add two more bricks at a line and another straight angle. And repeat till you have made a square. This does with our inner square. 

Remember to leave a small gap of around, 5 millimetres between bricks to aid airflow.

 Now let’s make the outer square, four bricks long. Remember to start half a brick ahead of the previous square, this will make sure that the gaps of both the squares don’t line up; this provides stability to the fire pit. Repeat the above steps to lay the bricks around the smaller square. 

You have just completed making the base design of the first row of bricks for your pit. Mark the turf underneath by digging in a spade by the side of the bricks. 

Step 2

Remove all the bricks and dig out the turf to leave only bare soil. Use a spirit level to make this flat and even. To achieve this, you can use a trowel, packing it down with your feet. 

In the center of the hole, you have just made, dig a further hole about 30 centimetres deep and 20 centimetres wide. Fill it with small stones and gravel. This is to help drain rainwater. 

Step 3

Replace the bricks of the first level into the hole you have just dug one-by-one in the original pattern. Make use of the spirit level to level those bricks and you can also use a rubber hammer to level the bricks. 

Continue till the first level is completely laid. 

Now, start to lay the second layer of bricks. For extra stability, lay the bricks at right angles to the previous layer. Once again, use the spirit level to check the row is flat. 

The third layer should be laid like the first layer and the fourth at a right angle to this, just like the second layer. You have to keep checking by the spirit level, every time you lay a brick. 

To make a stable base, and add drainage for the fire itself add five centimetres of gravel or small stones to the bottom of the pit covering the entire area, including the drainage area. 

In case, you feel like it is hectic work for you, simply go for a plasma cutter fire pit. It is mostly covered from all sides and also comes ready-made at a very affordable price. 

Your fire pit is now ready. All you need to do is light up a fire and relax. 

Lighting The Fire

To light your fireplace, use scrunched-up paper in the middle and some small kindling on top of them in a teepee fashion. Light the paper and as the flames begin to burn the kindling, gradually add larger and larger pieces of wood until the fire gets going. 

A pro tip here, don’t be tempted to make the fire too big. It is easier to control when it’s in proportion to the fire pit. 

Take care of the fire pit and keep children away. 

Always remember to keep a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water at hand in case of emergencies. 

Once your fire is up and running, you can use the flames to toast marshmallows or even wait until they’ve died down to glowing embers. Put a grill on the top and make your own barbeque. 


The end of this article brings us here to round off one more time what we discussed in this article. Not only did we go through the methods of building a fire pit but also where they are most suitable to be built. Apart from that, we even mentioned the tools that were required to build your own fire pit. We hope you were informed of everything you needed to know about fire pits in this article. 

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