Beetroot Benefits: 5 Delicious Ways To Add Beetroot To Your Diet


The popularity of beetroots has slowly been taking off as one of the superfoods. The vibrant red vegetable that would usually be dumped in salads or soups is now under the limelight and for all the right reasons. Beetroots come with a host of health benefits and essential nutrients that help us live a healthier life. Beetroots are rich in antioxidants, work like a charm for boosting iron, help with improving memory and even help managing blood pressure levels. According to the book, ‘Healing Foods’, by DK Publishing, “They may look tough, but beets are a delicate vegetable with a unique group of antioxidants, known as betacyanins. These pigments give beets their strong colour and are the source of their medicinal benefits, which includes supporting the liver, improving blood circulation and purifying the blood.”

We agree the earthy flavours and distinctive taste might not appeal to the palate. Raw beetroot or beetroot juice is not everybody’s cup of tea, but given its numerous benefits, it is imperative for us to add this vegetable to the diet. If you are worried about how to add the not-so-yummy vegetable to your diet, we’ve got you covered! Here are some scrumptious beetroot recipes that are sure to be a hit, these are so easy and delicious that many would want the recipe from you.

Here Are 5 Delicious Ways To Add Beetroot To Your Diet:

1. Beetroot kebabs:

Crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside, no one could say no to the delicious veggie kebabs, right? Increase the health quotient of these evening snacks by making them with beetroot, the natural red colour of the beets sure will make this healthy kebab stand out. All you need is some grated beetroot, paneer or aloo to bind it together, common Indian spices and you are done. Coat in crushed oats powder and enjoy these scrumptious delicacies with evening tea. Click here for the recipe.


Pair beetroot kebabs with vegetables for a wholesome meal

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2. Beetroot milkshake:

It is usually the most difficult to get children to eat their veggies, and the taste of beetroot particularly doesn’t sit right with kids, right? But wait till you offer this delicious and smooth beetroot milkshake and see your family member chug it up in a minute. Just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the milkshake and enjoy a sweet and creamy vibrantly pink milkshake that everyone will love. Click here for the recipe.

beetroot juice

Add different vegetables to the shake to enhance flavors

3. Beetroot puri:

Give the good old puri a colourful twist; try the beetroot puri that adds not only colour but nutrition to your meal as well. A simple recipe, all you need to do to make beetroot puri is add grated beets to the puri dough. Knead the dough a little harder than usual since the beets will leave some water later as well. Deep fry and serve with delicious aloo rasedaar for the perfect Sunday breakfast. Try it with this recipe here.


Adding the beetroot will make your puri bright red

4. Beetroot soup:

With the winters starting all over the country, soups and warm concoctions will soon become a common part of your winter diet. While you drink your favourite soup to warm up, why not try this beetroot soup this winter that comes with many added health benefits. You may add potatoes, carrots, bottle gourd and even paneer to enhance the taste of the beetroot soup. Here’s the recipe for you.


Beetroot soups are healthy and delicious

5. Beetroot raita:

While the curd used in making raita is considered great for gut issues, beetroot is brimming with fibres that further add to better digestion and improved gut health. You may add cucumber in the summer and apples and pomegranate in the winter to enhance the nutritional qualities along with its taste and flavours. Serve this beautiful chilled raita with paratha’s and pulaos, Here is the detailed recipe for you to follow.


Beetroot raita looks delicious

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There you have it, make these delicious beetroot recipes to make sure even the fussiest eaters clear their plate in a matter of minutes.


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