Amazing! Israel Firm Launches 3D-Printed Burgers That Are Vegan Too


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and we have seen proof of this in the food industry as well. From food self-ordering kiosks to vending machines, there are so many innovations and automation in the F&B space that are transforming it every minute. However, how would you react if you were told that your food was prepared with the help of technology as well? 3D printing technology has been used by an Israel-based firm to create plant-based or vegan burgers. These are not just better for the environment but are also customisable as per the customer’s tastes and preferences.

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The Israel-based company, SavorEat, has become one of the first companies to use 3D printing technology to cook food. They have a 3D printer on-site with three cartridges containing oil and other condiments. Users can choose how much protein and fat they want in their burgers, after which the machine whips them up in just six minutes flat. The burgers are made with a combination of chickpea, potato, and pea protein and thus are completely vegan, said SavorEat’s CEO Racheli Vizman. “It’s a mix of innovation of meat alternative and digital manufacturing where we can also cook the product,” she told Reuters.

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The Israeli company’s innovation comes at a time when the demand for plant-based meats such as mock meat and other meat alternatives is rapidly rising. This trend stems from an increase in health-conscious consumers who are also trying to do their bit for the environment. Alternative protein start-ups have raised over 3 Billion USD in 2020 as per Reuters.

“There is a growing segment of people called ‘flexitarian’ — people that are actively trying to look for meat alternatives to reduce their meat consumption,” Vizman said, citing about one-third of the U.S. population.

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